Top 10 jobs that we really couldn’t do teleworking, sometimes face-to-face …

For two years, teleworking has become part of our daily life. Welcome solution in times of pandemic, and one which we have deliciously acquired (I hope that at this stage of your life, you have all the accessories essential for teleworking).

With teleworking, we can limit our trips (and therefore limit our carbon footprint), we can work in a pleasant context (without big bolloss, because sometimes at work there are big bollosses and it’s really boring, afterwards of course if you have friends at work and big bollosses at home, it’s bad luck), and especially you can work naked while pooping on the carpet without it shocking your N + 1, or your N-1. In short, all the reasons are good for teleworking.

Unfortunately, there are trades that cannot be practiced in this way and our teams have looked into this sociological phenomenon full of twists and turns.

1. Plumber

The plumber community is very nice, but if they have to explain to you how to fix a leak under your sink via Google chat, it will immediately be more cotton.

When can plumbers telecommute? When he fixes a leak in his home, that’s a good idea.

top 10 jobs that we really couldn't do teleworking, sometimes face-to-face ...
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2. Physiotherapist

In order to avoid a double open fracture of the spinal cord, physiotherapists are indeed advised to intervene only at their workplace.

When can physiotherapists telework? When his boyfriend or girl has back pain there frankly OK it goes. Otherwise, the physiotherapist can also massage everyday objects in order to continue to feel useful.

3. Theater actor

Can you imagine the delirium you go to the Comédie Française and you have to come with your computer to watch the actors say their lines in zoom from their sofa? Phèdre would have quite another face.

When can actors telework? When he is a comedian and he plays characters on Instagram (like 82% of people on the network for 2 years).

top 10 jobs that we really couldn't do teleworking, sometimes face-to-face ...

4. Welcome host

Did you know that I was a receptionist for 3 years? Well now you know it. Do you know what I got out of it on a human level? Nothing. Oh yes, writing this top proof that you were a receptionist. Isn’t it beautiful?

When can host hosts telecommute? All the time. This profession is useless in real life. Let these people stay at home and pay them anyway because they deserve.

top 10 jobs that we really couldn't do teleworking, sometimes face-to-face ...

5. Hospital nurse

“Hello Madam Froger, then you put the urinary catheter there for me, there you go, yeah well I can’t see very well but it seems not bad to me, and then well, we’ll skype in 3 hours so that I can explain to you how to change your dressing. ”

When can nurses telecommute? When they quit because they were tired of being poorly paid and working like ienches.

6. Restaurant waiter

Well for example, yesterday I was at the restaurant and the waiter worked from home. Well my prime rib has never been served.

When can servers telecommute? When, for example, you have a neighbor who is a waiter and you ring the bell to make you a coffee.

top 10 jobs that we really couldn't do teleworking, sometimes face-to-face ...

7. Airline pilot

Or the airline pilot must have a really talented co-pilot who can do without him altogether. And at the limit, he works via Skype to do some company with the other. History to be nice, what.

Editor’s note, be careful, it doesn’t work for bus drivers, taxis, tram drivers, and Uber’s (I specify just in case).

When can airline pilots telecommute? In the future. Because it’s planes it’s poo. So it is time for the pilots to opt for a retraining in organic market gardening.

8. Bike delivery man

And yet, that might be the best solution to preserve their survival …………… .. (ellipsis) ……….

When can delivery people telecommute? If people offered to collect their deliveries directly from their homes. I see no other solutions.

top 10 jobs that we really couldn't do teleworking, sometimes face-to-face ...

9. Hitman

Because after that gives situations where the hired killer subtracts his contract, then if the other hired killer also wants to work remotely and subcontract his contract, we end up with a human centipede of hired killers who want nothing more jerk off like it happened once in china.

When can contract killers telecommute? When their profession will be recognized by the state and they will have rights like other citizens brothel.

10. Garbage collector

At the present time, technology does not at all allow garbage collectors to have the luxury of teleworking and it is a shame, yet further proof that this profession does not fit into modernity at all.

When can garbage collectors telecommute? When we no longer produce waste. YEAH I BALANCE BUT IN FACT I AM AFRAID OF NOTHING YA KOUA.