Top 10 Hygiene Mistakes Everyone Makes

Whether it’s when we do the housework, or the cooking, or when we simply wash, there are a lot of things we do without really thinking about it. However, these gestures that we have completely systematized are sometimes really all rotten from a hygienic point of view. Fortunately, we’re here to get you back on the right path to cleanliness.

1. Use a wooden cutting board

Basically the wooden cutting board is a really unhygienic thing. Since wood is a soft material, bacteria will stick in its little cracks and stick to all the food you cut. However, if you want to play it terrorist and still use a wooden cutting board, you must not only wash it properly (with white vinegar) and reserve one board for each type of food. At least that’s how they do it in the kitchen and we’d do well to follow their example.

top 10 hygiene mistakes everyone makes

2. Not washing vegetables after peeling them

We tend to forget this second washing thinking that the peeled vegetable is necessarily pure and clean and perfect. Yes, it’s true, except that you with your disgusting hands that have touched the peelings, you’re sticking crap on this peeled vegetable, so as a precaution, we go over it all a little bit under the float.

3. Not taking handwashing too seriously

Know that we do not laugh with our hands. These small mimines must be scoured back and forth and across at least 10 times a day and at least 15 seconds each time. In the same way for a hygienic kitchen, of course you need clean hands but you also have to think about getting rid of all your jewelry and watches, things that carry around a bunch of bacteria.

top 10 hygiene mistakes everyone makes

4. Not washing your eggs

Yes said like that, it may sound weird but basically eggs in France are never washed before landing in our fridge. The thing is that we wedge them just about anywhere, even though these things are really spit and we risk getting salmonellosis if we’re not careful.

5. Leave packaging in your fridge

Not only is it silly because it sucks a lot more energy out of your fridge, but it also brings dust and lots of bacteria back to the place that is supposed to be the healthiest in your home. Assume that in the fridge you should not put any product likely to contaminate this cold environment.

top 10 hygiene mistakes everyone makes

6. Putting dishes that are still hot in the fridge

Here again it’s also a stupid idea that shoots down your fridge, but in addition if you add a hot element to a fridge, you’ll break the cold chain and these temperature variations can be dangerous.

7. Apply moisturizer to dry skin

Good in itself it’s not really a hygiene error but more a simple error. Indeed, the cream penetrates much better on damp skin than on dry skin. Incredible isn’t it?

top 10 hygiene mistakes everyone makes

8. Put on deodorant right after you shave

A mistake we commonly make but have to stop, boo, not good, poo. In the deodorants there are aluminum salts which are already suspected of increasing the risk of cancer, but if in addition if they are applied to irritated skin it is even worse from worse.

9. Using the same sponge all the time without ever cleaning it

The sponges are the sheitan. These things have to be changed every two weeks at least, and if not, you have to clean them every week to make sure it’s not so dirty.

top 10 hygiene mistakes everyone makes

10. Leaving your laundry clothes in their plastic bag

When you pick up clothes from the dry cleaners, you are generally happy to leave your clothes in their plastic packaging. But actually that’s not a good idea at all. The plastic cover retains moisture and may well rot your fur coat. The stupid thing.

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