Top 10 haunted places in Ireland scary with a funny accent

Top 10 haunted places in Ireland scary with a funny accent

Ireland is full of old castles, more or less well preserved, and places where sometimes very frightening legends persist. So, it is not surprising to find haunted places all over the country. Here are 10 particularly essential …

1. Montpelier Hill

As we will see, the Wicklow Mountains, near Dublin, where the water used to make Guinness is drawn, holds a special place in Ireland’s paranormal history. One place in particular freezes the blood: Montpelier Hill. A hill on top of which is the Hell Fire Club, an old building once operated by a group of men versed in satanic ceremonies and ritual sacrifices. It was in 1735 that the Hell Fire Club was created. Its president, a certain Richard Chappell Whaley, was quick to set the tone with great reinforcement of mysterious practices encouraging multiple legends. It is said that the Devil himself did not hesitate to take the chair reserved for him at each club meeting. Obviously, it leaves traces …

2. Glendalough Monastery

We stay a little longer in the Wicklow Mountains. Near the visitors’ car park, by the stream, there is a most picturesque cemetery and an equally typical chapel. Right here where the principal occupant, a certain St. Kevin, would have whipped a poor unfortunate woman with nettles before drowning her in the lake. The ghost of this woman now lurking around the site. Several people also claim to have photographed the specter. Voices are also raised to say that the ghost is that of Kevin himself.

3. Wicklow Gaol

A little last for the road before leaving the Wicklows? Welcome to Wicklow Gaol. In the last building of the old prison, more exactly, where a large number of convicts were hanged. It is said that since the closure of the establishment, ghosts are legion. A woman wearing a hood would roam the ground floor and odors would emanate from cell number 5 …

4. Ballygally Castle

The ghost that gave this magnificent seaside hotel its popularity would be that of Lady Isobel. A woman imprisoned by her husband in a tower, who threw himself on the rocks to avoid starving to death. The hotel plays a lot on this reputation. Thus, the room which is visibly the most haunted is also one of the most requested. Management encouraging clients to write short notes about their potential paranormal encounters. Nothing to see, but you can also admire in this hotel in Northern Ireland one of the 10 Game Of Thrones gates.

5. Charles Fort

Located in County Cork, this fort attracts many tourists every year. Some do not hesitate to go to the scene to try to see the white lady who would wander there. It would be the ghost of a young bride whose future husband was shot by the latter’s father.

6. Leamaneh Castle

The building, now in ruins, is already rather creepy in itself but the history that surrounds it is downright paralyzing. Take a look: Leamaneh Castle was once inhabited by a certain Red Mary. A young woman who loved nothing so much to keep her husbands out of the window. 25 went through the window… At the same time, Red Mary also loved to play with her harem and willingly tortured her maids by cutting their breasts while hanging them by the hair. One day, the villagers decided to revolt and imprisoned Red Mary in an old tree stump where she starved to death. It is therefore she who is heard today within the walls of this sinister residence.

7. Seafield House

We are now in County Sligo, in the north of the Republic of Ireland. The Seafield House which is said to have become haunted due to Egyptian mummies being brought there. The starting point of an esoteric nightmare … Since then, several paranormal researchers have investigated Seafield House in order to meet the dark form that would lurk there.

8. The Château de Ballyheigue

Set on fire and then abandoned, this seaside castle is the subject of many legends. We would have seen a man armed with a sword, obviously dressed in 18th century fashion, who died during the sinking of the Golden Lyon, a Danish ship laden with ingots. Ingots that are apparently still there. Another somewhat disturbing thing: the family who once occupied the premises used to leave their dead on the beach as an offering to the mermaids. Atmosphere…

9. Duckett’s Grove

Very beautiful ruins! And beautiful gardens. Everything would be so peaceful here if ghosts didn’t cause trouble! They say you could just think of it as a ghost hunt, with dogs and everything. A harmonium is also heard from time to time. Not to mention the banshee, the ghost of a woman whose presence never bodes well.

10. The House of Ballinagarde

The Devil himself would have invited himself to this house in County Limerick. The Devil who would have taken the form of a rider, barely betrayed by his hairy hoof-shaped feet … Today, if we report several more or less worrying facts about the place, the legend has clearly given rise to a expression entered into everyday language: “as sure as the Devil was in Ballinagarde.” Here too the Hell Fire Club would be involved. Not sure that the house in the photo below is the right one, but it looks a lot like it.

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