Top 10 guys who rule the world in secret, shadow puppeteers

Far from the media coverage of the G20 and the rhinestones of stars of all kinds, the real people who run the world are guys and girls in the shadows. Average guys like you and me. After a few months of investigation, the Topito team was able to put a name on these great characters. We investigated like eggs, I promise.

1. Dennis Hope, the guy who made a lot of money selling the Moon

This ancient ventriloquist once wondered who owned the moon. After some little research, he came across a United Nations treaty that stated that heavenly bodies could not be annexed by states. But nothing prevented a citizen from doing so. So he wrote a little letter to the UN to make it all his own. Since then, he has made a fortune by selling plots of Moon, Venus or Pluto. There is worse as a job anyway.

2. Scott Lively, American pastor behind the anti-gay laws in Uganda

Here we are on a first homophobic. Uganda was rife with old colonial laws that cracked down on homosexuality. Lively, finding it a shame not to apply them yet, left to give numerous lectures on the spot on the dangers of homosexuality, presenting gays as sick whose favorite pastime is to kidnap kids and molest them. The government freaked out, and laws were put in place to reprimand homosexuality.

3. John-Bryan Hopkins, the guy who decides on national food days

This American food critic, founder of Foodimentary, once discovered that there were 175 National Days of [insérez un nom d’aliment ici]. So he decided to complete the list of those world days, change the ones he didn’t like and replace them with others he found much cooler.

4. 7 geeks who have the power to master the Internet

Finally, they obviously do not control EVERYTHING eh, otherwise the guys would never sleep and have the IQ of reptilians. But basically these guys work for ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) which more or less monitors IP addresses and domain names on the internet. So when you type in your search bar, it is thanks to ICANN that you came across the site. If the system ever fails, there are 7 guys scattered around the world who have a key to reset the system. With great power comes great responsibility.

5. Gustavo Diaz Vivas, the economic guerrilla

This Venezuelan expatriate now lives in Alabama and works in the IT department of a small local Home Depot. A former anti-Chavez revolutionary, Gustavo has decided to keep messing around to piss off Maduro. This is how he enjoys regularly hacking exchange rate sites, to distort the financial value of imports and exports to Venezuela. The ex-guerrilla would have declared to do more damage with this economic war than with his past actions. And in fact the current situation in Venezuela would rather prove him right.

6. Feras Antoon and David Tassilo, the guys who control all the porn in the world

Fabian Thylmann has long held the heavy responsibility of CEO of the conglomerate MindGeek, which controls almost all porn sites in the world. Yes yes, sites like YouPorn, Brazzers, PornHub, RedTube and that whole constellation that you have, of course, never heard of. The next time you poke yourself, you may think of him, even though he has since sold his shares to Feras Antoon and David Tassilo who have further increased the power of the conglomerate. And guess where he is domiciled? In Luxembourg, of course.

top 10 guys who rule the world in secret, shadow puppeteers
Photo credits: MindGeek

7. Roberto Azevêdo

Friend Roberto has occupied one of the most influential places in the world since 2013. I’m talking about the leadership of the WTO, if you didn’t know. Little is said about it, but the WTO occupies an essential place in all transactions and international trade. Not insignificant power anyway.

8. Henry Kissinger

Well, not really a stranger of course, but the former National Security Advisor and then Secretary of State was actually pulling all the strings. Very influential in the circle of those close to President Nixon, it was he who directed almost all of the foreign policy of the United States in the context of the Cold War. Nobel Peace Prize and Golden Globes for best puppeteer up for Henry.

top 10 guys who rule the world in secret, shadow puppeteers

9. Caro, from the account

At the office, Caro is discreet. She wears colorful sweaters, shiny little pumps and at lunch she eats the delicious meals her mother made for her over the weekend and which she stored in tupperware with different labels for each day of the week. But in the evening, Caro indulges in her passion: saving the world in her brand new superhero costume. Surprising the Caro.

10. Vincent Lagaf ‘

Sacred Vince. For most people, Lagaf ‘is this completely handsome bald animator that we saw on the Bigdil or The right price. This guy who knows how to galvanize his audience with this superb “beep beep”. He is however less known for his secret activities, the hidden face of the iceberg, the submerged part of the Moon. Indeed, Lagaf ‘is the inventor of an overdeveloped form of artificial intelligence. The famous Bill of Bigdil was the primary form of it, but since the show ended, Lagaf ‘has been working on the project and has managed to make it a much more complete version. However, his plans are still unknown, but the secret services are on the spot.

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