Top 10 footballers who have been in prison (and often for good reasons)

Did you think football paid off really well? Did you think that sport instilled unwavering values ​​of brotherhood and team spirit? Were you disappointed that no one ended up in jail after the Valbuena sextape case?

So you will be served: here are 10 examples of footballers who spent a short (or sometimes very long) stay in prison for sometimes zero reasons such as driving too fast, or sometimes super frightening such as assassination or kidnapping attempts ( good atmosphere).

As a great romantic poet named Lacrim said: “Prison is hard, but getting out is sure!” “

1. Joey Barton, aka England’s most violent player (cool)

Former England international, trained in Manchester City, Joey Barton remained 10 months in prison for “various assaults” (he still stuck a lit cigar in the eye of his teammate, beautiful spirit).

In short after that Jo calmed down and became a trainer, which shows that nothing is impossible. But we would be his players, we wouldn’t try too hard to push him to the limit anyway.

2. René Higuita, Pablo Escobar’s friend

Originally from Medellin, the former Colombian guardian author of the scorpion blow, was great friends with Pablo Escobar, to whom he often visited in prison.

Unfortunately for him, he will also make a short stay there for the consumption of narcotics (it is necessary to review his associates René).

3. Nordine Mokrani, the one who tried to be Pablo Escobar

He’s not the only one in the business, so we’re not going to run into him. Nordine Mokrani, former pro player from Valencienne, served 3 years in prison for having decided to convert to a dealer after his sports career.

All in all, dealer pays better than playing Valencienne… Certainly, but it’s still a bit riskier.

4. Benjamin Mendy, world champion in jail

In August 2021, Mendy is suspended by Manchester City over four charges of rape and one of sexual assault which allegedly took place in the past year (yes that’s a lot). Since September 2021, he has been remanded in custody and rape charges have continued to drop (we are at 7 to date) pending his trial, which should take place in 2022.

5. Ghislain Anselmini, who will have tried to kidnap his teammate

The former Lyonnais served 19 months in prison for trying to kidnap his teammate Fabrice Fiorèse… as usual, too good atmosphere in Lyon! And if you were asking yourself the question: yes, it harms the atmosphere between colleagues.

6. Souleymane Diawara, who tried to do justice on his own (a little stupid anyway) …

The former defender served several months in prison because of a dispute with a car salesman for the purchase of a Porsche Cayenne.

Apparently it was a stolen car, but the footballer decided to do justice himself (with a few friends too of course). So if this kind of little problem happens to you, for your information the best thing is to call the cops because in the end it will still be easier and less restrictive than going to fart a guy’s knees.

top 10 footballers who have been in prison (and often for good reasons)
Photo credits: Amarhgil

7. The famous Edmundo, who should never have driven

The Brazilian international, served 4 and a half years in prison for manslaughter following a car accident that killed 3 people… Ok, I broke the mood.

top 10 footballers who have been in prison (and often for good reasons)
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 3.0): Own work by Sepguilherme (talk). Transfered to Commons by Maurilbert

8. Really less serious, but drunk anyway: Tony Adams

Emblematic Arsenal player, Tony Adams will serve a few months in prison for many traffic offenses … boring but after the previous point, nothing seems really serious so ultimately Tony everyone does not care about your time in prison.

9. The super dark story of Tony Vairelles (definitely the Tony …)

Tony Vairelles, the former Nancy player risks a 5-year prison sentence because he would be linked to an old shooting case after a nightclub outing in 2011. One more reason not to go to a club to sweat night if you want my opinion (and of course you want my opinion).

10. Finally, the creepy Bruno Fernandes

The former Brazilian international was sentenced in 2013 to 22 years in prison for the murder of his wife, whom he simply cut into pieces and threw the dogs, obviously as he is rich he has been serving his sentence under house arrest since. Is it terrifying? The answer is yes.

And here is a top that warms the heart and gives faith in humanity (no). Fortunately, the good news is that even soccer champions cannot escape justice.