Top 10 football players who hate each other

The fights between kids playing football don’t just happen in the playground.

Sometimes it’s for good reasons and then we understand the nervousness of some players, and sometimes it seems really stupid, but at least it makes us laugh. In all jobs, you do not necessarily appreciate your colleagues, and it is not the footballers who will say the opposite.

1. Zidane and Marco Materazzi, to whom we owe the famous headbutt

Everyone knows this story, even those born after 2006 (yes there are people born after 2006, and they are even quite tall, I know it’s scary). Zidane’s headbutt in the World Cup final caused a stir.

But why did Zidane go so far as to attack the Italian player Marco Materazzi? Well quite simply because Materazzi is not known for that kindness and friendliness, quite the contrary.

We are not completely certain of the insult pronounced by Materazzi with regard to Zidane, the English press explaining that he would have treated Zizou of “son of a terrorist whore”, which Materazzi denied in block. French media claimed that the Italian insulted Zidane’s sister.

The newspaper The Parisian claims meanwhile that after having had several contacts in the penalty area, Zidane would have said to Materazzi “I will give you my jersey later”, to which the Italian would have replied “I would prefer your sister”.

Anyway, the two players do not like each other very much, and it is with a legendary gesture that Zidane will end his incredible career as a player.

2. Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra, and the Uruguayan’s racist insults

As you will have understood, Suarez is a problematic character in the world of football. Whether it’s biting his opponents or insulting them, he doesn’t use his mouth wisely.

Suarez and Evra attended the Premier League at the same time and didn’t like each other. Why ? Quite simply because of Suarez’s racist insults towards the French player.

It was in 2011 during a match between Liverpool and Manchester United. After several contacts between the two players, Evra reportedly asked Suarez why he constantly pushed him around, and the Uruguayan reportedly replied “Because you’re black”, “I don’t speak with black people” (using the word “negrito” in Spanish). Suarez was therefore sentenced to 8 matches of suspension and 40,000 pounds fine, and we understand why Evra does not carry it in his heart.

3. Wayne Bridge and John Terry, a beautiful story of adultery between friends

Wayne Bridge and John Terry, two big names in the England team and teammates at Chelsea, do not like each other very much. At the same time, John Terry was involved in an affair of adultery with the wife of his teammate and former friend, not cool…

And while Terry fared quite well, with his wife forgiving him for his “mistake”, Wayne Bridge suffered a double penalty, losing custody of his son and not being selected for the England team. Normal that Bridge has a little seum against his “mate”.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic who nearly broke Rafael Van Der Vaart’s ankle

Because of his rather particular character, Zlatan does not only have friends in the field. We remember in particular a not very nice exchange in 2004 with the Dutch player Rafael Van der Vaart. During a friendly match between Sweden and the Netherlands, Zlatan violently injures Van Der Vaart who will have as an explanation: “If I had done it on purpose, I would have broken both your legs”.

Indeed, Zlatan had voluntarily crushed the ankle of the Dutchman who was his then teammate at Ajax Amsterdam. Annoyed by this gesture, the Dutchman will express himself in the media, which will annoy Zlatan who will gently say: “Hey man, if you have something to tell me, you tell me, you won’t see the press .” Obviously, since then, the two men have not liked each other from the masses.

5. William Gallas and Samir Nasri: the history of tasers

The case dates back to 2009. Apparently, Nasri wanted to intimidate Gallas in front of a Parisian hotel. The two players were however teammates in the French team and we were also at Arsenal at the end of the 2010s.

On the eve of a gathering of the France team to face Lithuania, Nasri would have provoked William Gallas. Indeed the two men would have already taken the lead a few days earlier at the Arsenal training center, and a person who was often with Samir Nasri would have arrested William Gallas in front of his hotel, telling him to follow him, because Nasri would be in a car a little further. Finally, Gallas did not go there but would have seen in the distance “someone squatting with a bag”, and he explains that he thought he saw tasers in the car (good atmosphere).

Nasri will speak in the press in response to these accusations by saying: “Already, he (William Gallas) should take ‘mythopranes’, it’s dolipranes in suppository, for the mythos”

From the beginning, these two did not get along, and even if we do not have the end of the story, we know that it is better that they do not play together, even in a city stadium.

6. Xeka and Tiago Djalo, who came to blows

In July 2021, a rather incredible scene occurred during a friendly match between Lille and Kortrijk. The two Portuguese Xeka and Tiago Djalo had come to blows before being quickly separated by their teammates, then expelled by the referee, leaving Lille at 9 against 11.

So what happened to the two teammates hitting each other? In a story published a few days later by Foot Mercato, Xeka explained: “I just wanted to explain what happened during the match. I made a remark to a colleague with whom I never had any problems. However, this one felt offended, yet I never insulted or disrespected him. At the half-time whistle he rushed at me aggressively and I just tried to defend myself. But I apologize to the fans and the club for this situation and mentality which has never been part of my career. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m not aggressive at all, I can have a strong personality but it’s always with good intentions. »

We reassure you, the story was finally settled and the two partners explained themselves. We hope that such an incident will not happen again on the ground (although in real life it’s a spectacle).

7. Zlatan (again) and Joey Barton

As we told you a little above, Zlatan does not have many friends.

During the Clasico Français OM-PSG in February 2013, Joey Barton, OM player insulted Zlatan by mimicking a big nose. Uncool.

And why did Barton laugh at Zlatan’s nose? As Zlatan sometimes knows how to do, in an aerial duel with the Englishman, the Swede knocks Barton down and lets his feet drag a bit. Following this jostling, the English midfielder gets up and says to Zlatan “Your nose is so long that you can’t even see your shoes”, mimicking the length of the nose with his finger.

Barton will not regret his gesture and affirms in the media that he finds PSG arrogant, and especially Zlatan.

8. Belozoglu Emre and Didier Zokora, another case of racism…

In 2012, Turkish international Belozoglu Emre was suspended for two games (only) for racial slurs against Didier Zokora, a former RC Genk player. Despite this sanction, Emre never really apologized.

Thus, a few months later, when Zokora joined the Trabzonspor team, the Ivorian international decided to take revenge. During a meeting between Trabzonspor and Fenerbahçe, Zokora pretends to advance towards the Turkish to take the ball from him and gives him a big kick in his private parts. Zokora will just take a yellow card for this action (the referee may have approved this act of revenge). In any case, Emre will think twice now before uttering such racial slurs. Cheh.

9. Dani Alves and just about everyone at Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos…there were several at Real to hate Dani Alves.

It all started in 2007 when Dani Alves won the Copa Del Rey with Sevilla and said “it would be a huge reward” to play for Real one day. Except that Real didn’t rush and eventually Alves joined Barca, which started a slight rivalry that would only grow from there.

After that, a clash will begin between Alves and the Madrid club, indeed the Brazilian declared in 2016 while playing at Barça, that Real players were only sore losers. He later lashed out at then-manager Mourinho, saying “people talk about him as if he invented football, but he didn’t”, to which the Portuguese coach replied: “What Dani Alves said, Einstein could not have improved. He’s right: I didn’t invent football, but I would like to remind him that he was a Portuguese man who discovered his country. It’s a dry clash between the two men.

In addition, the tensions with CR7 mainly come from the Golden Ball and the open support of Dani Alves for Messi. Several times, Alves claimed that Ronaldo did not deserve his place in the finalists for the Golden Ball, enough to create even more tension with the star but also with the entire Madrid club which supported CR7.

In short, Alves does not mince words and it does not always please, especially at Real.

10. Xavi and CR7, still rivalries between Real and Barça

When Xavi captained Barca and Cristiano Ronaldo scored in the Clasico, the tension was palpable between the players, but it was mostly a sporting rivalry.

Now that the two players are at different clubs, there is still animosity. Xavi is a Messi fan, and he often used that to clash with CR7, saying for example, when Xavi was now playing in Qatar: “The problem for Cristiano is that there is another one and he doesn’t is nothing but the best in history”. Usually Ronaldo wouldn’t respond to these attacks, but this time he said in the media: “Why would I be interested in what Xavi thinks? Where does he play? In Qatar or…I don’t know where. He won everything of course, but not the Ballon d’Or. “Small punchline that still hurts. The tension hasn’t gone away between the two players, and it surely never will.

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