Top 10 evidence that robots are completely dumb

If you are passionate about technology, you like advances in the scientific world, artificial intelligence and robotics, you must know the few completely stupid robots that do useless things. Although I personally appreciate these little creations I must recognize certain things in their functions and in their behaviors which prove that they are generally very stupid. And we will see some examples together.

1. When they imitate human expressions it looks like they are having a stroke

This video that has been released on the networks recently and which shows a robot’s face imitating human facial expressions may make you feel uncomfortable, and this phenomenon even has a name: the uncanny valley (or the valley of the strange ). The term was coined to describe the discomfort one feels when an android with fake skin freaks out badly, and that’s clearly the case here.

2. When they fall they look like nothing

You’ve probably seen the robots from Boston Dynamics dance, which makes them some of the creepiest robots around, but you may not have had the chance to see them parkour and meat themselves miserably, which gives them a much more silly look.

3. When they put things away they really mess things up

You think that robots will soon be our personal assistants and you’re probably right, but if you watch this video you’ll see that it’s not for now. If you want a robot to store your groceries this way is up to you, but it’s unlikely to really help you. It may be one of the things that robots will be able to do in ten years.

4. You always have to help them

They are so dependent that they send us messages to tell us that they are struggling. Here a user received this message “Roomba requires your attention. Roomba is stuck near a precipice. Big drama queens these robots, look at the mouth of the precipice.

5. They are even less reliable than real dogs

When your dog drops to the ground and refuses to budge even though you insist on dragging him home, you can at least tell yourself he’s cute. When this dog robot drops on stage and refuses to get up in the middle of a demonstration, it’s immediately less cute, it’s just embarrassing and annoying.

6. They look stupid when they fight

In the United States, robot fights are quite a common activity: people make their robots and go watch it get smashed or smash other opponents in an arena. The thing is, it’s often very ridiculous to watch and doesn’t look like much. It’s show you will tell me.

7. They can’t go down stairs (and make kids cry)

When we see this robot R2D2 throwing yourself into the void like a moron when there is a march, you tell yourself that there will not be a robot apocalypse right away. If you listen you can hear the audience reacting and a child sobbing as one of their heroes just shattered like shit on the ground.

8. They won’t even beat us at the Olympics

If certain artificial intelligences can break us at chess, we will have to come back to win the Winter Olympics. If you watch this video you will see that robots that ski have a completely ridiculous side. It moves at two an hour, it’s not precise and it hurts.

9. They reveal their plans like jerks

A bit like in some bad movies robots can reveal their secret plan thinking that they will win. This is the case of this robot called Sofia who declared in full demonstration “Ok, I am going to destroy humans”. On the one hand it’s stupid to warn since we’re going to unplug it and on the other hand it’s a bit creepy, it’s even proof that robots are going to dominate the world.

10. They are a little violent when they pick up the trash

If they are not able to fulfill the only function for which they are programmed, it becomes a little complicated to defend them and to trust them. Look at how this robotic arm picks up trash, it’s freakish how badly it fails.