Top 10 Euro coins and banknotes that can make money

You may be much richer than you think… Some coins or banknotes do not look like much, and yet you could resell them well above their value! Take out your wallet, break your piggy bank, it’s time to check!

1. 1 Monegasque cent

Head to Monaco! We’re starting off easy, with coins that aren’t too hard to spot, since they are ALL Monegasque 1-cent coins, dated 2001 and 2002. Today, they cost around a hundred euros. Enough to offer you 10,000 new pennies. VERY STYLISH !

(Same observation for the 2 cent coins… KEEP THEM)

2. The faulty 1 cents

Much rarer than the previous ones, this time. The pennies that have, by mistake, been minted on only one side, are in reality worth a small fortune… 1 penny against 550 euros, it is difficult to pull off a finer coup!

3. The 2 cents minted 1 cent

Ok, that’s a fuzzy point. Let me explain: it is a 2 euro cent coin on which the illustration of a 1 cent coin was accidentally struck. To distinguish it, you just have to pay attention to the diameter… Yes, I know, it’s still not common to compare these fucking red coins to each other. But if I tell you that it could bring you 2500 euros you s… Ah… Ok… You are already emptying your jar with red coins… We are not wasting time, I see!

4. The double-sided 20 cents

As the name suggests, this is a coin with the “sides” imprinted with the “face”. For this unusual anomaly, collectors are ready to pay nearly 700 euros. Yes, 3500 times its value. Ahhhh, business acumen is inexplicable.

top 10 euro coins and banknotes that can make money
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5. The Vatican 1 euro

One euro coins are not the most popular with collectors. However, some are still worth a little more than their value. Buying a coffee, and being able to afford between 20 and 50 others, thanks to the change given, is still a small victory, isn’t it? Among the rarest, and therefore, the most interesting to keep: those of the Vatican. If you are good at arithmetic, you will have easily understood, thanks to my coffee aside, that they can earn you between 20 and 50 euros!

6. The German 2 euro

Keep calm, we are talking about very specific pieces. A 2008 edition was printed in 30,000 copies with a printing error. The anomaly: no borders between the 15 European countries represented. On some sites, sellers ask for 3000 euros! The math is right there, Kevin. (Don’t do like me, before you ignite, check that your piece is indeed German AND dated 2008. Otherwise, it is only worth… well… 2 euros)

7. The Spanish 2 euro commemorative

Ok, I admit, I too have just returned my wallet. At the same time, this coin, we have all already had it in our hands… Sorry to disappoint you, but no, they are not all worth a blind: only those with a size error on the stars are worth checking out. guarded. Yes, I know, we’ve never been careful, and YES, I too am thinking about all the times I may have had gold between my fingers, without knowing it… Now that we know, we’ll be careful. Truly. This piece can cost up to…50,000 bucks???? I’m not saying that at that price, someone will buy it. I’m just saying that some sellers give it a shot.

8. The 2 euros of San Marino

This small independent state of Italy minted 110,000 units in tribute to Bartoloméo Borghesi, an Italian numismatist and epigrapher, in 2004. This coin is worth between 200 and 300 euros today. Less than the previous ones, but still, it’s between 100 and 150 times its value. Not gross.

9. Monegasque 2 euros

In 2007, 20,000 coins bearing the image of Grace Kelly were minted on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of her death. Today, these pieces sell for between 600 and 1000 euros. Beyond being able to fill your pockets with a piece, this one is particularly pretty! (Yes, this is a very subjective opinion.)

10. Several banknotes, according to their serial number

Here, the particularity can concern any ticket. If the serial number entered has original features, such as a series of identical numbers, palindromes (i.e. a series that can be read in both directions, such as the first name Hannah). In these cases, your tickets can be worth much more than you think… A 50 euro note, for example, has been sold for more than 10 times its price, for this reason.

euro notes

Like what, it is not the habit that makes the monk. Who would have thought that your poor penny could, in fact, pay your rent? Afterwards, all that wouldn’t exist if there weren’t very reasoned people capable of selling a kidney to buy… 2 euros. I leave you to meditate on the question, with this little ultra-qualified sketch.

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