Top 10 dumbest news stories, champions of the week #362

Hi my sweet soy sauces how are you doing on this long Sunday? We’re pretty good because it’s finally time for the champions of the week, this small selection of the most stupid miscellaneous facts that we manage to do in part thanks to @JUSTITITUTE that we advise you once again no more following on the networks if you are on the networks or on the street if you are on the street. Without further ado I invite you to read the rest of this top, otherwise you would only have come for the intro, which is not necessarily the best thing in the article if I am completely honest.

2. Man Suffering From Erection Problems Injected Foam Insulation Into His Penis

Topito’s analysis: So… Don’t do that yet. Don’t inject anything into your penis, it’s a stupid idea. But in addition to foam insulation? There are ER nights that have to be weirder than others.

3. She was unaware of the operation of the Mercureaux section radar: despite 35 offenses, the young driver exempted from punishment

Topito’s analysis: The gendarmes are nice, because 35 offenses normally have to pay something, even if we don’t understand how these speed cameras work, it still means that there has been a speeding. Like 35 speeding.

4. The Legion recruits 1700 men and a mule

Topito’s analysis: The transfer window of the legion is always an event that we look forward to, there is always a little mischief in the workforce. This year it’s a mule, next year maybe a tapir. These legionnaires are pranksters.

5. Brazil: She marries herself and divorces 3 months later

Topito’s analysis: Well then already obviously we can marry ourselves, good news, I’ll find out. But getting divorced after three months is a shame, it started out like a great story and then it’s over. But look at this wedding photo as she looks fulfilled above.

6. Investigation: “The reception dwarf bit my foot.” Funny atmosphere at Basic-Fit in Saint-Étienne

Topito’s analysis: The kind of events that make you want to go to the gym, because you feel that there are strange, unusual things going on there, worthy of a kamoulox. Well in real life it’s half an urban legend, half inspired by real events this story, but it gives a hell of a title.

7. “I have sex covid”: He claims his penis has shrunk due to the coronavirus

Topito’s analysis: So at first we can laugh about it, but obviously there are several people who would have indicated the same problem, which would mean that this virus is really a mess.

8. Italy: a pornographic film broadcast in the middle of a Senate meeting

Topito’s analysis: Classic, normal, since the TV is on during these meetings and it happens at night, it can happen. It’s hard to say if everyone managed to stay focused while seeing the images, if they have the same kind of deputies as we do in Italy, I imagine not.

9. The man arrested for possession of 70 magic mushrooms has the happiest criminal record picture in the world.

Topito’s analysis: Look at this face, it exudes joy, happiness and drugs. Lots of drugs. Arrested under a trip of hallucinogenic mushrooms one would think he was going to have a bad trip and yet no, he is living his best life, the gentleman.

10. Landes: she puts Michel Sardou on the loop to take revenge on her ex-husband, the justice condemns her for harassment

Topito’s analysis: We end with less funny and much more serious information. Very very serious even. You can blame your ex, but there are limits that should not be crossed and Sardou is one of them. Fortunately, justice was there to crack down.

While waiting for next week, I suggest you go read the teubés of the week, it’s pretty cool too. Kisses my pralines.

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