Top 10 dumb tricks that made A LOT of money

The trinkets, the stupid gadgets, the useless stuff that clutters our drawers: we love it. The dumber it is, the more we buy. And it’s not this top that will prove you wrong. Thanks to us, our impulses and our very balanced way of using our money: dozens of inventors have filled their pockets. A wealth that is based on one and only thing: human bullshit.


Remember that REVOLUTIONARY app? But siiii, the one you’ve all downloaded to your iPhone 3G+! Nothing more con: on the screen, an image of beer. You tilt the phone towards your mouth, and the liquid dwindles, as if you’re drinking it. When in fact it’s fake. Hehe, too funny. Bars. Very stylish. A little joke that you still had to buy $ 2.29 on the AppStore. As a result, its inventor, Steve Sheraton, earned between $10 and $20,000 a day when the app was number one.

2. The Companion Rock

Like what, taking people for idiots pays off! One day, a guy thought he was going to sell “company stones”, presenting that as the least boring pet to raise. And bam, thousands of people went to adopt their “pet rock” for 3 euros each. Result: 1.5 million copies sold. Bunch of truffles.

3. Doggles

Aviator glasses for dogs. 2.6 billion euros in profit for the company that invented this monumental bullshit…AWWWWW BUT LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS!!!

4. Potato salad

Zack Brown decides, one fine day, to ridicule the whole world by proving by A+B that it was possible to raise money on the Internet for anything and everything, including for the most useless stuff. Victoire. He calls for donations to raise 10 euros, and cook a potato salad. Result: 7,000 entries, and $55,000 raised. For potatoes. Which he ate alone. Your generosity will ruin you. Peace, love & potato salad. MY ASS YES. Money, money & you’re too dumb yeah.

5. A tongue to stroke your cat

Whooooooo? What is this story again? A guy had the idea, one fine day, of inventing a “false plastic tongue”, to put in your mouth, to lick your cat. BUT WHAT. And afterwards, are we surprised that he behaves like the king of the house? Well the “licky brush” didn’t (FORTUNATELY) not explode either, but still. $52,000 in funds raised, to submit you to this ungrateful animal. Cat goes too balls, there.

6. Farts in jars

Stephanie Matto, an American influencer made gold balls by selling… Her farts. Yes Yes. Its gases. Its benefits. His flatulence, for our readers of the 16th. A market that beats (lol) all the scores! In one week, the young woman made more than 50,000 dollars. Unfortunately for her, and for all the people who paid for it, this business was stopped dead: who says fart galore, says shitty food. And so stomach pain. And a short trip to the emergency room. You have to suffer to achieve your dreams, it seems.

In the same vein, another influencer sold her bath water after having a good time. Same success. This world is perverse.

7. The Fliz

A bike without a saddle. Neither pedal. A harness with two wheels, in short. Usefulness ? I am still searching. Result: nearly 1.5 million euros. Guys, have you lost the pedals or what?

(Advantage: your saddle will never be stolen again.)

8. Silly Putty

Just in the name, there’s a clue: “silly”, in English, that means “dumb”. “Teube”. ” Idiot “. Basically, it’s some kind of weird, yucky elastic playdough that you can throw against your wall. Or turn into a bouncy ball. Youhouuuuuuu, so much fuuuun. Recipe for this product from hell: 5 million per year. Here, here.

9. Silly Bandz

I wouldn’t use sarcasm. But again, it’s all in the name of the product. The Silly Band are these rubber bands / bracelets, of all colors, and in the shape of animals, objects, numbers or letters. Besides being ugly, it’s really useless. But many of us, in our early childhood (us, the children of the 2000s) collected this shit (I plead guilty.) So many that, in a few years, the creative company has built a small kitty of $100 million.

Anyone for a trade? I have three yellow cactus rubber bands, I’m looking for a pink and a green one.

10. The “FlowBee”

As its name does not indicate this time, the Flowbee remains an object that we would have done well without. Finally, we would not have missed, what. Basically, it’s a vacuum hair clipper. So, yes, ok, it avoids a good sweep. BUT STILL, having your hair cut by a vacuum cleaner is not very reassuring, if the product is a great success. Especially since Georges Clooney (yes yes) admitted to using it for years. 2 million copies sold and big shortage of stock after this statement. In addition to being sheep, we are also groupies… But hey. George Clooney. We understand.

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