Top 10 countries to discover in 2022

As every year, LonelyPlanet publishes its ranking of countries to discover in 2022. A sort of roadmap for apprentices Christopher Columbus looking for new experiences, but if possible without the hassle plans. 10 destinations that have managed to preserve the essential: their ability to make us travel.

1. Norway

They have crossed O’s everywhere, worship obscure death metal bands, have city names that inspired a bunch of Ikea furniture… and despite all that, Norwegians would enjoy the best quality of life in the world. I don’t know about you, but I am intrigued enough to go pop in this year, watch whales, spend hours hoping to see an aurora borealis light up the sky, relax in a midnight swim, or stroll in the middle of majestic fjords.

top 10 countries to discover in 2022

2. New Zealand

Even if it means traveling, you might as well go straight there and aim for the end of the world, which for us French, looks like New Zealand. A land far from everything and especially from us and a guaranteed change of scenery, so much the landscapes, the mentality and the art of living of the kiwis are far from what we usually experience at home. Only problem, it takes time, to go around it, x2 since there are two islands, the one in the north and the one in the south, but also time, to recover once back on dry land, that of our daily life.

top 10 countries to discover in 2022

3. The Cook Islands

These 15 islands located in the middle of 2 million km² are home to the largest protected area on the planet. Tourists here keep a low profile and respect the environment around them. Lagoons, hiking trails winding through lush forests, cosmopolitan populations, these are just some of the ingredients that make the magic of the archipelago. The Cook Islands are clearly a good recipe for a successful vacation in 2022.

4. Malawi

Lake towns echoing to the sound of reggae, health resorts, hiking trails, tea plantations… Malawi has more to offer than the clichés surrounding safaris. Even for the latter, the “warm heart of Africa” has worked well in recent years, focusing on ecotourism, more than on mass tourism projects. Malawi has thus moved many endangered species to its three major reserves in the country (Majete, Liwonde and Nkhotakota) that you can walk with a guide to appreciate the magic of the place without pissing off your animals too much.

5. The Sultanate of Oman

Just for its peninsula nicknamed “Arabian Norway”, the Sultanate of Oman deserves our attention. The country is not only covered with vast deserts and mountainous landscapes, it is also home to fjords in the Musanda peninsula, which can be traveled aboard a dhow, a traditional Arab wooden sailboat. Oman is also a progressive land where tourism, thought to have the lowest possible environmental impact, is carried out with respect for local customs and traditions.

6. Belize

A small country in Central America, neighboring Mexico and Guatemala, Belize will undoubtedly not remain a destination for initiates for very long. It is therefore better not to delay to embark on the discovery of its wild life and its nature which is just as much, whether it is its great barrier reef, the second largest in the world, or its many waterfalls lost in the middle of its tropical forests. A small paradise also conducive to rest and to the contemplation of our magnificent toes which beat the rhythm of passing time.

7. Slovenia

Renowned for its nature as fertile as its history, Slovenia is also a land of celebration and relaxation on the side of its resorts on the Adriatic Sea. Elsewhere than on the dancefloor, we will dance on our bike to explore the world’s first entirely green cycle path, the Bike Slovenia Green, which participates in the most sustainable country label in the world awarded to Slovenia in 2017. And as the effort calls for comfort, the country knows how to put the small dishes in the big ones and obtained in 2021 the label of European Region of gastronomy!

8. Qatar

Host country of the next FIFA World Cup in November and December 2022, Qatar has been trying for years to attract attention other than through its support for radical causes. Tourists can also visit Qatar from its capital Doha, heading north to the cities of Dukhan or Al-Khor where hotel and sports infrastructure are located. The most beautiful beaches and diving spots are on the island of Shara’O. Elsewhere, we will gladly take up the desert, between dunes and rocks, with on the horizon, the inland sea known as Khor Al Adaid located at the southern end of the country. Well then between us, Qatar is not the most human rights-friendly destination …

9. Egypt

One hundred years ago, Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb. An anniversary that Egypt will celebrate in a big way babouche pomp with the planned opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza, the new home of the treasures discovered in the pharaoh’s tomb. The past is nice, but Egypt cannot be boiled down to this and has decided to move forward. In particular through the creation of two long-distance hiking trails, the Sinai Trail managed by Bedouin peoples of the Sinai Peninsula, and the Red Sea Mountain Trail, which runs along the coast of the Red Sea and is managed by the Maaza. The opportunity to discover the country in a different way and to live as close as possible to these communities with traditions as rich as that of the pharaohs … but more alive.

top 10 countries to discover in 2022
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 3.0): Original uploaded by Yohann666 on French Wikipedia.

10. France

There is a chance that France will again this year remain the preferred destination for the French, for lack of being able to travel without health constraints. There are those who sweat a lot, and others who will take the opportunity to move around the four corners of France, to understand why France is still today the most visited country in the world every year.

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