Top 10 communities that greet each other when they meet, nice people

Saying hello to people you meet is usually super nice but it can also be very strange, especially in Paris where the politeness of people is close to that of an old dead tree stump in a foggy forest, so we have early to be wary. Anyway there are communities of people who greet each other almost every time their members meet and it’s a shame that we don’t apply that on a daily basis. Or on the contrary it is good. I really don’t know, there aren’t many people in my town.

1. Bikers

The best known salute of all, that of bikers who make a small sign when crossing each other, even if it means sacrificing a sometimes fragile balance to avoid looking like big rude people. Why ? Because they have class and they are friendly. Or else it means something secret like “motorists are big shit” and we don’t know about it.

2. Hikers

If you are a hiking lover, as a true walker on winding paths, you have probably already noticed that when you meet a hiker you say hello. Those who fail to do so are generally victims of gravel throwing and must continue their hike without shoes, which is clearly a mistake not to make when hiking.

top 10 communities that greet each other when they meet, nice people

3. Bus drivers

You must have noticed it during a bus trip, when a driver passes another bus there is interaction: a small wave of the hand, a sign of JUL or a finger of honor… There is a greeting what . Again I have no info to give you, it’s probably a secret signal to tell if there are cops on the road or fries in the canteen of the drivers.

4. People in Boats

A world apart, that of sailors who pass each other in motorboats in the summer and make the famous maritime salute. If there are certain greetings that mean important things like indicating a change of direction, it is generally a way of saying “I have money too”.

top 10 communities that greet each other when they meet, nice people

5. Tesla Drivers

We wouldn’t greet the first bullet hole we come across in a Clio, but when we have a Tesla we drive on top of the world. So when we pass by another rich man who drives a Tesla like us, we think he deserves our sympathy. (Tesla owners really do greet each other apparently, it’s not a valve).

6. Cyclists

Apparently when you are a cyclist it is customary to greet other cyclists who are climbing a steep mountain pass. A way of saying “good luck” or “careful, your tire is flat, but don’t worry, there’s a patch seller 300 meters away”. Yeah, they can say all that with a wave of their upper calves.

top 10 communities that greet each other when they meet, nice people

7. Military

Well, you’re going to tell me that it’s normal for them to greet each other by making the famous hand sign next to their head to greet a superior, but it’s still a very selective community thing. In addition for once they really have a special greeting them, really lucky. That said, they get woken up at 5 a.m. every day by a guy who plays the bugle, which is less cool.

8. Taxi Drivers

So as much as taxi drivers can greet each other like “well or what ferocious”, as much when they greet VTC drivers it’s another piece of pie: it’s done with big fingers of honor and it’s sent used oil on the windshield. Less good atmosphere.

top 10 communities that greet each other when they meet, nice people

9. Rock Fans

We see them at festivals raising their hands making the sign of the horns to show their allegiance to the prince of darkness. Dangerous, infrequent people who drink beer and sacrifice the rats that live in the cellars they squat. They are scary but at least they say hello to each other.

10. The Vulcans

Highly prized by Star Trek fans, the Vulcan salute has become a rallying sign for this downtrodden people with sharp logic. And to think that the thing was proposed by actor Léonard Nimoy because he thought it was cool.

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