Tools and Methods to Improve Writing Skills

AI is now everywhere and people in all walks of life are taking advantage of it. Today we are going to check out how students can use Artificial intelligence-powered tools to improve their writing skills.

We will discuss general types of tools rather than name specific ones. If you are wondering how learners can use such assistance, then don’t worry, because many of them are available for free. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into it.

AI Tools for Improving Writing Skills

Here are some types of handles that can help them improve their writing skills.


Online paraphrasing sites powered by artificial intelligence are a dime a dozen. To find one, you simply need to Google the term “Paraphraser” and you will be bombarded with a ton of results. Usually, the most useful ones are the top results.

Here’s the guide students can use to enhance their skills.

  • Use paraphrasing to learn new words and phrases, thereby improving their vocabulary. Paraphrasing websites have a better vocabulary than most attendees: they can and do use better words that the student may be unaware of. By watching them work, students can imbibe the tool’s vocabulary into their own.
  • Use paraphrasing to learn to use the new vocabulary effectively. AI-powered tools do not make grammatical mistakes, so you can be sure that their results are sound.
  • Learn new tones and styles that they write after watching them paraphrase online. Many paraphrasing tools have multiple modes of rewording. Each mode typically has a different style and tone. By alternating between them, students can watch and learn to say the same thing in multiple ways.

Those are just some examples of using paraphrasing websites to improve your writing skills. If you don’t believe it, try to paraphrase online yourself and find out if it is true.

Grammar Checkers

Grammar… the bane of most students if not all. Who has time to check their grammar? A student will say “Nobody”, but we are here to tell you otherwise. With AI-powered grammar checkers, anyone can proofread their work in a matter of seconds.

That includes you and your teachers. They can use a grammar checker to quickly find errors in their work and correct them, whereas teachers can do the same to see if a student is being careless or not.

Just like paraphrasing, you can find plenty of free grammar checkers online. In fact, there are plenty of platforms that provide all the sites that we have discussed in this list in one place. So, if you found one, you found them all.

Content marketer chellenge

This way an AI-powered grammar checker helps to improve the skills.

  • It shows them their errors
  • It shows them how to correct the error.
  • Likewise, it tells them why the error was erroneous in the first place.

That last one is really significant as it helps them to avoid the same errors later on. If that is not an improvement, then I don’t know what is.

Content marketer chellenge

Here is the graph showing the data of different challenges writers face while drafting their write-ups. Here you can see that instead of budget and content availability, the biggest challenge is writing high-quality content.

This is where artificial intelligence websites come under the limelight and assist writers in producing high-end content.


Summarizers are great for making your work concise. Believe it or not, students have a lot of trouble sticking to the point. They will go on tangents in an effort to pad out their essays, not understanding that irrelevant details will not net them any points.

They mistakenly believe that the quantity of words trumps quality. But ask any teacher and they will say otherwise. So, learning to say things in a small and compact manner is a great skill. By learning it, anyone can inevitably improve their own writing.

A summarizing tool can help them show the way. Their artificial intelligence lets them understand the gist of the given text and extract it. Here is an example to show you.


As you can see the 197-word passage was summarized into 117 words. The same thing we said in the previous heading was summarized in a concise paragraph. Such a concise paragraph may not work in the content industry, but it will be wildly successful in a school setting.

Just by watching what way the summarizer works, students can understand what parts of the work are considered noteworthy, and how to write a summary themselves. Some tools have advanced features such as showing the results as bullet points or pointing out the best line. These features can also provide great insight into summarizing.

Readability Checkers

Readability checkers are sites that can measure the reading difficulty of a given text. They can provide a concrete score as well as highlight sentences and words that are too difficult to understand. Artificial intelligence is used to understand what parts a human struggles with.

They can improve their skills by learning about their bad habits. They can find out if they have a propensity to write out really long sentences or draft awkwardly in general.

Readability checkers often provide suggestions to improve the given text, so by acting on that advice, students can learn to curb their mistakes. That is a great way of improving skills.

Here is an example to show you how a typical readability checker works.


As you can see, the difficult sentences are marked in red or yellow. These sentences are really long. As such, a reader may have trouble understanding it. Simply shortening this sentence will improve its readability.


There you have it, some methods for using AI tools to improve the writing skills of students. These methods are easy to apply and accessible to anyone who has a computer and an internet connection. They will find that they can use these methods to dramatically improve their writing without having to bust their proverbial backs.

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