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Too Hot to Fly: Summer Airline Pet Embargoes

If you’re traveling with your pet this summer and intend to go to your destination, make sure you familiarize yourself with the airline’s pet embargo policy before booking your trip. Throughout the summer, many airlines don’t allow pets flights – as checked baggage or as cargo – when temperatures are high. Airline pet embargoes are in the best interests of your pet and play a very important role in ensuring their security.

Air travel isn’t only stressful for your pet, but it could also pose significant health risks. Being restricted to its carrier for extended periods during the hottest months of the year is potentially dangerous for your pet and may result in dehydration and heatstroke. Moreover, certain breeds, like dogs and brachycephalic cats (with upturned noses), are sensitive to pulmonary distress when temperatures are extreme.

Summer Airline Pet Embargoes
Summer Airline Pet Embargoes

Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA)

According to the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), embargoes protect pets from exposure to intense heat while in waiting areas and terminal facilities, while transferring them between terminals and planes, or when they’re in a plane awaiting departure.

“Heating embargoes are crucial during the summer months,” said Sally Smith, former president of IPATA. “They protect our pets and keep them safe and comfortable while on the move.”

Since airlines impose embargoes to keep your pet safe, there are no exceptions. But if an embargo is in effect on the day of your flight, the airline will work with you to re-route your flight, if possible, or plan your flight for another day.

Although each airline has its own pet embargo policies, below are some commercial airlines and some of their regulations.

Alaska Airlines –

Though Alaska Airlines does not have any embargo planned this summer, if temperatures are too high for pets to travel safely, they can put an embargo. However, your pet can travel with you from the cottage if it’s in an approved carrier that can be placed under your seat.

American airlines –

To stop your pet from being exposed to intense heat, American Airlines imposes an embargo each time the present or forecast temperature exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit at any point on the road. But if your pet matches in an approved carrier that can be placed under your seat, it can travel with you from the cottage.

Delta Airlines –

To ensure the security of your animal, Delta imposes an embargo on animals as checked baggage from May 15 to September 15. If at any point of origin, transit, or destination, the temperature should be above 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 75 degrees Fahrenheit for brachycephalic creatures – your creature can’t travel.

However, your pet can fly as cargo through the Summer Live Animal program. (Restrictions apply, especially for brachycephalic pets.) Launched in 2011, the program, which runs from May 15 to October 15, lifts temperature constraints and guarantees the safe transport of your pet in some towns.

Delta Cargo uses temperature-controlled vans to pick up and deliver your pet to or from the aircraft, waiting areas and freight facilities. Your creature is also loaded or unloaded according to specific deadlines. Moreover, your pet can travel with you from the cottage if it fits in a licensed carrier that can be placed under your seat.

Southwest Airlines –

Because Southwest Airlines does not allow pets to travel as checked or checked luggage, they don’t impose pet embargoes. Your little dog or cat can travel with you from the cottage in a licensed carrier small enough to fit under your seat.

The security of your pet is your top priority. Choosing an airline that satisfies your needs can help you make sure that the flight is a good experience for you and your four-legged relative.

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