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Tone your legs with these simple exercises

Tone your legs with these simple exercises

Tone your legs: Toned and sexy legs have always been the matter of feeling jealous. Despite excessive workouts, you still not able to grab toned legs. Instead of feeling jealous of the women who possess sexy legs why not follow this exercise for grabbing toned legs. It’s not that hard to achieve if you are determined and ready to work hard, your legs could be sexy within no time. Work out this easy-to-do exercise and now let the others be jealous of you:

Tone your legs
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Stand horizontally

Stand horizontally
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Stand straight and slowly move your chest, shoulder, and head down and lift your right leg back so that you are standing exactly in the horizontal position. Make sure that you don’t bend your knees. Try to balance your body weight this way. Stay in this position for 20 seconds and then put your leg down. Now repeat the same procedure with left leg. This completes one cycle. Repeat 5 cycles with each leg.

Squat with chair

Squat with chair
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Take a chair and stand facing back. Make sure you have a little distance between your feet. Now raise your arms in the air and ad start leaning forward like in a squatting position. Stop when you are about to touch the chair. Stay in position for 10 seconds and then stand straight again. This exercise is to be repeated for 10 times.

Bend your knees

Bend your kneesPlace your right foot behind you and bend your knees, as if you are ready to attack. Bend forward and start moving up and down. Keep your hands by the side. Repeat this procedure with another leg as well.

Bend sideways to diagonal foot

Bend sideways to diagonal footWith arms at your side, stand straight. Place your right foot diagonally behind the left foot. Now bend your body towards right leg. In this position uplift your right arm, but make sure your left arm faces downwards. Stay in position for 10 seconds. Relax and repeat the same steps with other legs.

Lift your leg

Lift your legStand straight and lift your right leg. Stay in the position without bending your knees for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds lower your right leg and repeat the same with left leg.

Yoga Moves

Yoga movesWith feet together, stands straight and lifts left leg. Putting your body weight on the right leg. Continue to lift the leg as much as you can drop the head and come in a position horizontal line from head to toe with arms at your side. Keep your face downwards and arms at side. Repeat with other legs.

Skate lunge

Skate lungeCross your right leg diagonally behind the left leg as the position of skating. Then swing your left arms across the hip. Jump about 2 feet and then come back to your position. Repeat the same process with other legs. This completes one set. Slowly and gradually extend your number of sets to 20 repeats.

Bend sideways

Bend sidewaysStand straight with legs apart. Lift right arm upward and left arm downward. So that you are in a horizontal position with one arm up and another arm down. Put your right foot back and reach out for your arms. Come back to a position to complete it. Repeat this with another leg. This completes one set. Repeat 10 sets.

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