Tonal Home Gym: Small Size, Big Rewards

The first time you use your growing muscles, the pain of paying a high price for the Tonal Smart weight trainer is quickly forgotten.

  • Compact size
  • Multi-user support
  • Training that is tailored to your needs and effectiveness
  • Trainers provide detailed instructions
  • You can move at your own pace with the interface
  • Expensive
  • Requires professional installation
  • Limit your cardio, Pilates, and Yoga workouts

When you think about a weight machine you probably picture a large contraption with massive arms and heavy weights. You might also imagine a tangled mess of cables and pulleys. Tonal is a wall-mounted weight machine that’s the size of a medium full-length bathroom mirror. Does the Tonal deliver on its promise and provide a body workout? Or does it crash? I let my family try it out in my home gym.

Professional installation is required

Tonal’s biggest problem is installation. This is a wall-mounted device that should be installed only by professionals. The company does NOT support self-installation.

Installation requirements are very strict. You need two studs that are 16-24 inches apart, and they must be oriented with the 2 inch side facing out. I had it installed by the previous owner in a room that was being renovated. I was concerned about the distance between the studs.

Installation took between 60 and 90 minutes. The majority of this time was spent trying to locate the studs. The bracket is fastened to the wall using eight bolts, and the Tonal is then attached to the bracket. Tonal can be removed from the support for warranty repair or replacement. The installation is secure, and I do not feel that the unit will tear from the wall. Tonal will install the unit for you at a new location if you move.

Tonal’s compact size and sleek look are its most attractive features. The unit features a soft-pull cable system, and accessories are easily replaceable. The unit comes with smart handles and an accessory pack that includes a rope to perform two-handed exercises, bench and barbell for $ 495. These accessories are essential for many exercises and are a must-buy.

You will need a space of about seven feet by seven feet and seven feet tall to perform the exercises and extend your arms. The arms fold flat when you’re finished, and the unit only sticks out a few inches. Its compact, modern design is eye-catching and adds a touch of class to any room.

No time wasted on adjusting weights

The Tonal adapts your training to your goals and gives you a tailored training to your strengths. Your first workout is a test that evaluates your strength. You are then given a score. Tonal adjusts the weights of each exercise based on the score. You can adjust the weights manually, but I rarely had to do so because the machine was able to accurately predict my strength.

This predictive weight is not only convenient, but it also helps you train at an optimal level. You don’t need to remember the weight you used in each exercise. Tonal will also track when you should increase the weight. I found that the workouts were focused and effective. I felt the burn during the exercise and was sore the following day.

Training is mainly on-demand

Tonal offers a growing collection of workouts. You can choose a multi-day program that will give you a different workout each day. If you have your own training program, you can choose individual training. Tonal lets you select one exercise at a given time, such as a biceps curl, for those looking for a quick and focused workout.

I felt the burn during my workout and was sore the following day.

The Tonal is the only distraction in this small studio gym. All workouts are prerecorded by a single trainer. The service offers group training classes where you can train with other Tonal users. There are no live courses like Mirror or Tempo which both host multiple classes per day. Tonal supports multiple users, and offers a personalized experience to each user.

Strength building is a priority

Tonal is an advanced weight trainer that focuses on strength building. The emphasis is not on the cardio, yoga, and pilates workouts found on competitors such as the Mirror or Tempo. Tonal is perfect for upper body exercises. You can do different versions of rowing, flies, and loops. Lower body workouts can be just as effective as upper body workouts, but they are not as varied. The majority of lower body exercises involve squats and quadruple lunges. However, you cannot use the cable system on your ankles to do side leg lifts or adductor exercise, for example.

I liked the visual instructions and the trainers’ detailed visual instructions. You can watch the instructor do the exercise and see how the arms are set up before you start. Cameras will show you the movement from various angles so you can understand how to move. After you have practiced, you can move at your own pace. The trainer will not advance until you indicate that you are finished. Tonal has sensors that detect your shape as you exercise. Tonal will tell if you aren’t doing an exercise correctly.

Tonal’s effectiveness in strengthening training surprised me. I didn’t anticipate the workouts being so comprehensive and stimulating. After 20 sessions with the Tonal, I began to see results. My body was more toned, and the muscles on my arms and legs became more visible. The progress was not superficial. I find it easier to lift household objects.

Catching a fish

Many people who see my tone weight machine on the wall want to try it. Everyone came back impressed. The Tonal was a great workout for my upper body and legs. Its price is its biggest flaw.

Tonal isn’t cheap. The trainer costs $ 3,000, plus $ 500 in smart accessories. These include a smart bar and rope, a bench, rollers, and a workout mat. You will also have to pay $250 for shipping and professional assembly. There is also a $ 49 monthly membership fee with a commitment of at least 12 months. The subscription is not included in the purchase price and there is no trial period.

How long will the event last?

The Tonal is a solidly constructed unit – the unit has a very solid mounting, the arms and accessories are all sturdy. The hinges on the articulated arms are made of both metal and plastic. Can they withstand repeated stress as I lift more weight?

I spoke with Tonal, and they assured me that there were no problems with the hinges. They also offered a warranty of three years if something went wrong. Tonal offers a limited warranty covering parts and labor for a year and parts for a period of three years. Accessories are covered for a year.

Is there another alternative?

Tonal is a unique product with its large screen and compact size. Its closest rival is the NordicTrack Fusion CST. This machine is equipped with a 10 inch display, electromagnetic resistance, and interactive iFit Training. The Tonal is heavier and larger than the NordicTrack Fusion CST, despite being cheaper. The Bowflex Revolution, a resistance-based home fitness machine with a comparable price, lacks the virtual workout of the Tonal. Tempo Studio is another connected home gym that uses dumbbells, barbells, and other traditional equipment.

Should you buy it or not?

Yes, if you are looking for a compact strength trainer.

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