Tomorrow belongs to us: who killed Andrea? Our theories on the outcome of the plot -…

While the fate is hounding Chloé and Alex, the unexpected death of Andréa promises many twists and turns in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. But who killed the Delcourt nanny?

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

After the poisoning of Céleste and Chloé (Ingrid Chauvin) and the parcel bomb that almost cost the life of Alex (Alexandre Brasseur), the Delcourts are on the front line in Tomorrow belongs to us. And the death of Andréa (Aurélien Foubert) is not likely to simplify things in the sequel to the daily success of TF1.

Indeed, after his body was discovered on the plage, the police will find a letter of confession in which Andréa acknowledges her responsibility for the misfortunes that have recently occurred to the Delcourts.

If at first everything suggests a suicide, the police will quickly understand that it is actually a disguised homicide. The investigation will therefore refocus on a murder on Friday evening on TF1.

But who killed Andrea?


tomorrow belongs to us: who killed andrea? our theories on the outcome of the plot -...

Returning to Sète to enjoy his family before his departure for San Francisco, Maxime (Clément Rémiens) returned at the worst time and experienced all the trouble in the world to keep calm in the face of the events that affected his loved ones. In this context, his relationship with Andréa did not take long to sour.

Indeed, convinced that Andrea is at the origin of all the evils that befall his family, Maxime did not hesitate to physically push him. While he came to blows on several occasions, he also fell out with him shortly before his lifeless body was discovered on the beach. What to designate the Delcourt son as the ideal suspect once the thesis of suicide has been ruled out.

Between gray areas and testimony against him, the investigators could therefore only make Maxime their main suspect, especially since the motive is rather obvious.

Despite a darker facet in the last episodes of the daily soap opera, is it really reasonable to think that Maxime could be Andrea’s murderer? Suffice to say that we doubt it…

And the police too since Martin (Franck Monsigny) and his men will quickly get on a new track.


tomorrow belongs to us: who killed andrea? our theories on the outcome of the plot -...

Pénélope (Candice Lartigue) was introduced in the series at the same time as Andréa. Childminder by profession, the young woman was also one of the candidates shortlisted by the Delcourt couple to take care of Celeste. Unfortunately, it was finally Andréa who had been chosen in her place.

Since then, this character had appeared only very occasionally in the series. Over the episodes, we learned not only that Pénélope and Andréa knew each other but that they worked for the same childcare agency.

Could Penelope have killed Andrea out of jealousy?

This possibility is plausible, but Penelope could have wanted to silence her colleague for a completely different reason.

According to a new excerpt unveiled in preview on MYTF1, the police are on his trail. While questioning Doctor Chardeau (Axel Kiener), Sara (Camille Genau) learns that Penelope lost her child at Saint-Clair hospital just as Chloe was giving birth. Certain that Samuel favored Chloe’s delivery over his own, Penelope has every reason in the world to resent Celeste’s mother.

Could Andréa have understood that Penelope was seeking revenge on the Delcourts? Would she have eliminated him to shut up?


tomorrow belongs to us: who killed andrea? our theories on the outcome of the plot -...

Even if she recently left Sète to settle in Malaga, the faithful of Tomorrow belongs to us will be happy to learn that Flore will be back soon.

Abandoned by Alex in favor of her former best friend, Flore (Anne Caillon) has not digested her breakup well. And that’s an understatement. In revenge, she chose to report Alex and Chloe to the ASE for abuse and then admitted to being the source of the tag found on the windows of their home.

Moreover, contrary to what she leads everyone to believe, Flore never settled in Spain and in fact never left Sète.

Can we imagine that Bart’s mother is a murderer?

In an extract available on the MYTF1 platform, the police interrogate the receiver who sold a firearm to Andrea’s killer. When Karim (Samy Gharbi) shows him a photo of Penelope, the man does not recognize her but instead identifies his buyer from a composite portrait that looks exactly like Flore.

But what would Flore’s motive be?

Remember, a few days ago, she had been attacked by a mysterious individual in front of Bart’s (Hector Langevin). She then named the Delcourt babysitter as her attacker. Traumatized by this ordeal, would Flore have lost her footing to the point of revenge? Unless she wanted to eliminate the one who attacked the man she loves?

According to the synopses revealed by TF1, Flore will act more and more strangely during the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. ” After the failure of her mission, Flore is confronted with the demons of her past. “. Does this mean that appearances are deceptive and that she is unofficially involved in this whole affair?

One thing is certain, the sequel to this ark promises to be most thrilling and we are clearly not at the end of our troubles in Tomorrow belongs to us.

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