Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1122 of Tuesday, February 15, 2022…

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Alex is going to be able to leave the hospital, Noor stands Lillian up. At the same time, Emma disappears.

tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1122 of tuesday, february 15, 2022...

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, February 15 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Alex has lost his memory and can’t remember anything even looking at pictures of his life. As he fears to remain an empty shell until the end of his days, Marianne is reassuring by explaining to him that he must allow himself time for his memory to return. When she informs him that his family is waiting for him in the hallway, Alex doesn’t think it’s a good idea to usher them in as he feels it upsets them that he doesn’t recognize them. . Despite everything, Marianne thinks that it would be beneficial to her because it could cause her memories.

Shortly after, Judith, Maxime and Chloé enter the room. Judith does try to be strong in front of her father but ends up breaking into Maxime’s arms. Joining them, Chloe puts on a good face and assures that Alex’s memory will eventually return. Even if she would like everything to go back to how it was, she nevertheless makes them understand that they cannot force things. Once alone, Chloe collapses in turn. Discovering her in tears in the hallways, Marianne affirms that her memories are still present somewhere but in a kind of brain fog. She therefore enjoins her daughter to continue to stimulate him to anchor him again in his daily life.

Not far from there, the police received Flore’s psychiatric report. As she suffered from an acute psychopathic disorder having abolished her discernment at the time of the events, she is not criminally responsible for her actions. As a result, Bart’s mother will not be brought to justice. Prosecutor Perraud, however, requested a second opinion but has little hope. If the new report goes in the same direction, they will be forced to pronounce a release and the prefecture will prolong the internment of Flore in a secure psychiatric institute. In case of recovery, she will then be free.

For his part, Maxime cooked his father’s favorite dishes to stimulate his taste memory. Unfortunately, it’s a failure since he doesn’t remember anything except that he still hates coriander so much.

At the end of the afternoon, Marianne informs the Delcourts that Alex’s results are good and that he will soon be able to return. However, Alex is a little reluctant to return to a house he doesn’t know but Marianne guarantees it’s good for him. Feeling good with her, Alex takes her in his arms and then says that he has the impression that they have always been close.


At breakfast, Lilian asks her father to lend her his car for the evening because he has a date with Noor for Valentine’s Day. While Cédric hastens to refuse, using his leg injury as a pretext, Irene takes the opposite view and gives him permission because she sees an opportunity to spend the evening alone with her husband.

Meanwhile, Noor confides in Gabriel that the man she fell in love with is married. Insofar as she fears that he is not sincere with her, Gabriel advises her to be careful with her because this kind of story can easily go wrong. Later, Noor bumps into Lilian in the hospital lobby. She can find any excuse to cancel their meeting, but the young man always has a solution and leaves her no real choice.

Thereafter, Noor is with Cédric in the hospital reserves. Aware that Lilian won’t let go of the matter so easily, Cédric encourages Noor to clear things up with him as quickly as possible. After promising to do so, she gives him a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Uncomfortable, Cédric indicates that he has nothing for her and that on top of that, he is spending the evening with his wife. An announcement that disappoints Noor.

In the evening, Lilian waits for Noor at the Spoon. After making him hang around for an hour, she finally sends him a message to confirm that she will not be coming.


Fanny drops off her daughter Emma in front of the school. When her mother notices that she has a huge bag to go to class, the young woman replies that she has a sports class. But once in the establishment, the teenager immediately goes to the toilets to change. Emma then swaps her jeans and sneakers for a much sexier outfit.

Moreover, her new dress look does not go unnoticed, so much so that her French teacher calls her at the end of class to talk to her about her outfit. Indeed, François underlines that she was much wiser at the beginning of the year and fears that her new attitude will pass for provocation in the eyes of her comrades. However, Emma retorts that she feels good like that and then points out that she’s not doing anything wrong. Despite everything, François asks her to take care of herself.

At the end of the lessons, Emma put on her initial outfit to go to her piano lesson. As she leaves high school with Camille, she is stopped by Charlie who has fun teasing her about her clothes. Once alone with Camille, Charlie confides that she finds her classmate hypocritical because she passes for a model girl at home when in reality, she plays the teaser by jumping on anything that moves.

At home, Emma receives a phone call that seems to upset her. When her mother tries to reach her, she prefers not to answer. In the evening, Emma’s parents are very worried because she does not answer the phone and has not gone to her piano lesson. Lionel and Fanny, who know Georges, therefore arrive at the Spoon to ask for his help in finding their daughter who has disappeared. According to Fanny, something serious must have happened to Emma.

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