Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1116 of Monday, February 7, 2022…

tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1116 of monday, february 7, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While the police are on a new track, Noor and Cédric kiss. Sylvain is no longer satisfied with his life as a nouveau riche.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, February 7 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Given the suspicions against him, Maxime was taken into custody. Indeed, his DNA was found on Andrea’s clothes but also on her cell phone. If the young man recognizes that he waited for him at the bottom of his house, he swears on the other hand that he had nothing to do with the assassination of Andrea.

The firearm that killed Andréa was stolen from a police officer a year earlier. For Martin, Maxime could have easily obtained it on the black market in order to use it to protect his family. However, Raphaëlle points out to him that they have not found the weapon in question. Therefore, there is no tangible evidence against his client. Nevertheless, Martin believes he has enough to extend his custody.

Later, Roxane has finished analyzing Andréa’s cell phone and explains to Commander Constant that her movements coincide with the time of Flore Vallorta’s attack. But that’s not all since she also discovered that the deceased was talking regularly with Pénélope Berger. If the latter was initially rather nice with Andréa, she then showed herself to be more and more aggressive over the course of the exchanges.

Karim therefore goes to the hospital where he questions Chloé and Alex about Penelope. Chloé then indicates that she was one of the candidates selected to keep Celeste. When Karim tells them that she knew Andréa very well, Chloé is surprised because she met the young woman a few days earlier and she didn’t tell him anything about him.

Meanwhile, Martin questions Penelope. Even if she had not known him for a long time, she affirms that she was very attached to Andréa. Indeed, he had resigned out of solidarity after she had been fired for having shouted too much at the children she was babysitting. Photos of Celeste and Chloé having been found in Penelope’s phone, Roxane interrupts them. Pénélope then claims that these pictures were sent to her by Andréa. As Martin wants to know his schedule on the day of Andrea’s death, Penelope replies that she was babysitting at the time of the events. Despite everything, the policeman has serious doubts and instructs Roxane and Sara to investigate the childminder.

With the investigators now on a new track, Maxime is released but not allowed to leave town. Once at home, the Delcourts finally have news of Celeste by telephone. Happy to hear her, the whole family hopes to see her again soon.

Several kilometers away, Bart is on the phone with his mother, who pretends to have arrived in Malaga. In reality, she has not moved from Sète. Dressed in black and a cap, Flore spies on the Delcourts having dinner on the veranda.


Noor and Gabriel spent the night together. On a small cloud, the young man confesses to her that he is crazy about her then kisses her before going to the bakery to buy her breakfast. At the same time, Cédric gets ready to leave for work, forgetting to take Lilian to her rehabilitation. Irène, who finds that her husband has been elsewhere lately, questions him to understand what is wrong. Annoyed, Cédric says that she is tiring him.

At the hospital, Lilian is happy to see Noor again. His father not being in his plate, he asks if it would have something to do with work. Noor confirms to him that it’s a bit tense at the moment then tries to find out more about the relationship between his parents. According to Lilian, things have settled down, but he points out, however, that his father is in the moon and that he consults his phone constantly.

Afterwards, Noor goes to see Cédric to hear from him, which he doesn’t like at all. Being married, he does not see himself continuing to work in such conditions and says he will request his transfer to another service. Noor begs him not to do it, but Cédric sticks to his guns.

At the end of his shift, Noor gets into Cédric’s car, which is about to go home. Although he admits having been a little rough with her earlier in the day, the nurse still intends to send his intern to another department. Realizing that they will never work together again, Noor regrets thinking he really liked her. When she starts to cry, Cédric caresses her cheek to dry her tears before kissing her. Right after, he states that he tried to stay away from her but he can’t. While she kisses him in turn, Cédric stops her, considering that it is much too risky. He then starts his car and drives it elsewhere.


Sylvain is bored in his new life to the point of killing time by calling his children or by practicing golf in his garden. Alas, he decides to go for a ride in his convertible. Seeing Julien broken down on the side of the road, the father of the family stops to give him a hand. But for the latter, Sylvain does not have the head of someone who gets their hands dirty. Sylvain therefore makes him believe that he is a mechanic and that this car is not his. Once he has apologized for this mistake, Julien gladly accepts his help.

The car repaired, he then invites Sylvain to drink a beer at the Spoon to thank him. As they get to know each other better, Sylvain continues to lie to her, all the more so since Julien says that his wife left him for a wealthy man.

On returning, Sylvain seems to want to return to a simpler life and asks his wife to prepare buttered shells instead of the truffle linguine she had planned.

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