Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1113 of Wednesday February 2, 2022…

tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1113 of wednesday february 2, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Flore leaves Sète, Damien meets Audrey’s children in an incongruous way. Benjamin and Samuel are back in Sète.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday February 2 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


After being found unconscious in front of her son’s home, Flore goes to the police station to be heard by the police. According to her, it was around 9 p.m. when a stranger attacked her. The latter would have spoken to him about the tag at Chloé’s but also about the article which accuses him of being responsible for Alex’s hospitalization before insulting her and then jostling her. It was while falling to the ground that the director of the hospital then hit her head and lost consciousness. As she has the feeling of having already seen her attacker, Commander Constant shows her a photo of Andréa. Upset, Flore confirms that it is indeed her attacker.

Andréa’s phone having stopped near the Vallortas’ home on the day of the attack, Martin and Karim go to the young man’s house. Unfortunately, he is no longer there and has emptied all his cupboards. Shortly after, Commander Constant reviewed the investigation with the prosecutor. Convinced of the babysitter’s guilt, Sébastien puts pressure on him to stop him as soon as possible.

Not far from there, Andréa announces to Pénélope that he has decided to leave Sète. Even if his colleague invites him to stay at home the necessary time, he has made up his mind and needs to get away from the city. While she insists, Andréa summons her to leave him alone, reminding him that he does what he wants with his life.

For his part, Bart arrives at the hospital and accuses Marianne of having made her mother a target for detractors. The latter being already bad enough, he makes her understand that a little empathy would not be too much. However, Marianne insists that he open his eyes to the situation by explaining to her that Flore is in such bad shape that she is becoming dangerous. And to specify that if he wants to help her, he must start by stopping to protect her.

Meanwhile, Alex leaves the hospital. When Flore approaches him in the hope of talking to him, the oyster farmer refuses to listen. When she quips that he doesn’t need to be cruel, Alex encourages her to leave town and never come back for everyone’s sake.

A stone’s throw away, Maxime and Judith see Jérôme Marquis at the Spoon and take the opportunity to plead their parents’ cause by openly accusing Andréa. Unfortunately, there is nothing the social worker can do until the police issue their final findings.

At the same time, Flore announces to her son that she is leaving Sète for Malaga. A place dear to her heart since she experienced beautiful things there with the father of her son. After putting her suitcase in the car, she hugs Bart then tells him how much she loves him before taking the road to Spain.

For her part, Chloé cracks in her husband’s arms and fears never to see Celeste again. Alex is then reassuring and promises that things will eventually work out.

At nightfall, someone breaks into the Delcourts. Using a syringe, she injects a sedative into the coffee capsules in the kitchen.


At breakfast, Audrey receives a message from Damien. With a smile on her face, she hastens to answer him. Jordan having understood that she was dating someone, Audrey claims that it is simply a friend.

At the same time, Damien would like to see Audrey again and would like to know if she is free this evening. As the waitress asks him for arguments to convince her, the policeman offers to send her his performances at the Spoon. Unfortunately, the video of his striptease ends up by mistake on Aurore’s cell phone, who doesn’t hesitate to tease him.

Later, Audrey accepted that Damien would come and spend the evening at her house. However, she panics because she still hasn’t told him she has children. So that she can take full advantage of her appointment, Alma offers to take care of the children. She will therefore take Leo and Jack to the cinema while Jordan will spend the evening with Jahia and Lizzie with Mathilde.

In the evening, Damien joins Audrey at her place. During the conversation, the policeman turns on the music and engages in a private striptease. But no luck for him since Jordan, Lizzie and Jahia arrive right at that time. While her son thinks she is paying for an escort, Audrey assures us that it is a friend who is preparing a dance number. Uncomfortable, Damien takes to his heels.


Samuel and Benjamin are back in France after a humanitarian mission in Madagascar. A move that brought them closer together. When Victoire arrives in the rest room, Samuel slips away to leave them alone. If Doctor Ventura is happy to see her again, Victoire is on the other hand icy. Benjamin would like to spend time with her but she pretends to be busy.

Subsequently, Victoire drinks coffee with Samuel and questions him about his humanitarian mission. The latter then indicates that he simply left on a whim in order to take a step back from his life. The young woman being surprised by her sudden friendship with Benjamin, Samuel specifies that he has changed his mind about him.

At the end of their service, Benjamin and Samuel have a drink at the Spoon. Still in love with Victoire, Benjamin questions his colleague about her. Samuel may advise him to forget her, Benjamin doesn’t want to and is determined to fight to get her back. At this moment, he is far from suspecting that his new friend has not forgotten Victoire either.

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