Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1104 of Wednesday January 19, 2022…

tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1104 of wednesday january 19, 2022...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… As it’s time to say goodbye for the Jacobs, Tristan begins his new job. Andréa’s behavior is increasingly worrying.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday January 19 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Following Martin’s call, Aurore rushes to the police station. While she expects to find Zoé in the cell, it is Estelle who was arrested while dealing near the Montpellier train station. The latter then puts pressure on him to get out of there by threatening to tell everything to his colleagues. Aurore therefore promises to find him a good lawyer.

A few steps away, Sara informs Martin and Karim that it is not Aurore’s sister but a well-known usurper of the police services. Immediately, Commander Constant announces the bad news to his colleague. After pretending to be affected by this news, Aurore decides to lead Estelle’s interrogation by pretending to need to understand why she lied to her.

But during the exchange, the policewoman is particularly lenient towards her. For his part, Karim does not understand why his colleague does not put more pressure on him to obtain answers and refuses to file a complaint. For Martin, it’s probably because she’s in a hurry to move on.

Later, prosecutor Perraud criticizes Martin for not having succeeded in solving the case of the burglaries. Certain that the fugitives are already far away, the prosecutor is obliged to lift the roadblocks.

Meanwhile, Aurore thanks Roxane for saving her the day. Never having forgotten what she had done for her, she specifies that they are now even.

Subsequently, Martin is surprised to see his motorcycle reappear as if by magic in front of the police station, especially since a small message signed AL accompanies it. He therefore summons Roxane to have it analyzed by the PTS.

Shortly after, Aurore warns her sister and her nephew that the roadblocks have been lifted. Once she told him that they had false papers and a hideout in Spain, Zoé warmly thanks her sister before hugging her. Very happy to have found her, Zoé does not know if they will meet again one day.

Back home, Aurore spends time with her father and invites him to stay a little longer in Sète. Only, Pierre needs to go home to take stock of what happened but nevertheless swears to give him news without waiting twenty years to do so. Pierre then takes Aurore in his arms and then says he’s happy to have got closer to her.


Tristan became the Moreno’s personal chef. At breakfast, Christelle takes the opportunity to organize the schedule of the week’s menus with him. However, the mistress of the place is particularly firm about the producers from whom he must supply himself.

Later, Sylvain and Christelle come to drink coffee at the Spoon after spending the afternoon shopping. Seeing the menu, Christelle decides to order takeout for dinner. When the former manager of the bar tells her that he has put meat to marinate for a beef bourguignon, Christelle replies that they will eat it the next day.

Vanessa then takes pleasure in giving Tristan a few instructions on how to warm up his Osso Bucco. As he takes it badly, he retorts that he had received a compliment from chef Armand for his cooking. As Vanessa then rants that her dishes were outdated, Christelle steps in and begs them not to scramble for food. Nevertheless, she admits that the cooking is much better at the Spoon since they changed the chef.

At the end of the day, Tristan tries to find out if the Morenos were serious by offering him a place as chef at home. After Sylvain and Christelle say yes, Tristan declares that even if he finds it very touching, he is not very comfortable with the situation.

Sylvain and Christelle, who have thought about things being more square between them, therefore offer him a chef’s outfit in his name. So when he wears it, he’ll be in work mode, and when he takes it off, they’ll be friends again. And finally, Sylvain and Christelle also gave him a salary advance for the week. Tristan then agrees to give it a try.


Andréa bursts into Chloé’s room who is undressing. After having presented his apologies to her, the young man specifies that he is looking for her from Celeste’s pacifier. Insofar as he always has good excuses, the mother of the family reminds him that there are limits not to be exceeded and this all the more so since it is not the first time that she has told him so. Before leaving her alone, Andréa promises to be more careful in the future.

Subsequently, Chloé confides in Anna about her nanny’s shameless attitude, then adds that she feels like she is no longer at home when he is there. According to Anna, she should have a frank discussion with him and take the necessary measures if his behavior does not change.

Later, Alex and Chloé are at the Spoon but their date is quickly interrupted by a call from Andréa who indicates that Celeste has a fever. While Chloé rushes home, Andréa carefully looks at a photo album of the Delcourt family and steals a snapshot which he puts in his pocket.

As Chloe arrives, Andréa informs her that he called the doctor who diagnosed an ear infection. Even if she thinks it’s a good thing that her daughter was able to see a doctor, Chloé criticizes Andréa for having taken this initiative without consulting her first. The latter then explains to him that his mother was often absent and that he fell ill as soon as she left to attract attention. For him, Celeste somatizes to make up for Chloe’s absences. After thanking him for making her feel guilty, she invites him to leave.

At nightfall, Andréa looks at the family photo he stole and sticks her own photo on Maxime’s face.

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