Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1098 of Tuesday, January 11, 2022 …

tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1098 of tuesday, january 11, 2022 ...

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Aurora reveals the truth to William and Pierre, Jordan covers his brother. Lilian is seriously injured.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday January 11 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


In the morning, Aurore receives a message on her cell phone and makes William believe that she must go to work on the burglary affair. In reality, she goes to meet Estelle whom she drops off at the station so that she leaves town. When Aurore gives her an envelope of money for the service she has rendered him, Estelle demands double, otherwise she will tell her colleagues everything. However, the policewoman has everything planned. If the former detainee reveals anything, she will not hesitate to tell the prosecutor that she took advantage of their bereavement to extract money from him. She therefore urges him to take what she gives him and specifies that she never wants to see her again.

Meanwhile, William and Sofia realized that Estelle had left without saying a word. An attitude that hardly surprises Pierre who claims once again that she is not his daughter. To clarify this matter, Doctor Daunier leaves a message to his wife asking her to call him back as soon as possible.

For her part, Aurore joins Zoe at her hideout. Now that they are alone, Zoe would like to know why she passed Estelle off as her sister. On seeing her sister in the cemetery, Aurore had a flash. Indeed, the initials AL, used by the thief of paintings, signify Arsène Lupine. A game they played together when they were little. From there, Aurore understood that Zoe was hiding behind the thefts and that is why she hired Estelle. By posting a photo with the latter on social networks, Aurore knew that Zoe would eventually resurface.

For Zoe, they no longer know each other and she blames her older sister for having sided with their father all these years. Even if Aurore says that is not true, Zoe does not understand why her sister did not prevent their father from denouncing Fred, especially since he died because of it. Aurore then explains that she never knew what had happened to Fred and that it was only after entering the police force that she learned of her death. When Zoe then questions her to know if she intends to throw it at her colleagues, Aurore retorts that she would never do such a thing. And to add that she has never stopped thinking about herself.

Indeed, she confides that she has been following her career as a burglar since March 2002, when she stole a painting from the Grand Hôtel de l’Ermitage in Paris. Although the CCTV images only showed a silhouette, Aurore recognized her thanks to the little star tattooed on her neck. Immediately after, Zoe ends their conversation by claiming to have a lot of things to do. Before she leaves, Aurore claims that she entered the police force only to find her. Zoe may judge this touching, she nevertheless signals that it is too late.

Once she has joined William and Pierre, Aurore confesses to them that she passed off a former prisoner for her sister because seeing Zoe at Marie’s funeral, she had to do something. She wanted to provoke Zoe and force her to come forward. Besides, she teaches them that it worked. Insofar as Pierre wishes to see her, Aurore specifies that she is still very angry and that she must be given a little time. She then asks her husband’s forgiveness for lying to him.

At the police station, Martin and Sara take the statement of a jeweler who has come to report that a person has been prowling a motorcycle in front of his shop for several days. Having taken a picture of his license plate, he hands it over to Commander Constant, who decides to go immediately there with Aurore. As he does not see why AL would now attack a neighborhood jewelry store, Martin thinks this is a red herring and intends to secure all art collectors in the region.

At nightfall, Aurore goes to her sister’s hideout to warn her that the police are after her. Unfortunately, she is expected by her sister’s accomplice who threatens her with a gun.


At the Roussels, Audrey takes the opportunity to be alone with Jordan to have a discussion with him about what happened the day before. The latter then continues to proclaim his innocence while swearing that he would never watch an old woman in the shower. As Alma has heard everything, Audrey demands that he apologize to her. In vain. At worst, the mother regrets not being able to help the English teacher as she should and says she is sorry that she is with the most difficult family in the city. However, Alma did not see it that way, especially since they had spent the evening talking about their love affairs.

During her English class, Alma has her students work on synonyms. So she asks Jordan to make her a list for the words “old” and “cheeky” while alluding to what she said in the morning. Back home, Jordan is looking for his charger when Leo tells him that he was the one who entered the bathroom while Alma was washing. Even if he hadn’t done it on purpose, Leo couldn’t help but stare at her.

To make matters better while covering him up, Jordan denounces himself to Alma and then apologizes. But Alma does not hold it against her because she is fully aware that the situation is complicated. As he has thought about it, Jordan offers to share the sofa with Jack every other night. An offer that Audrey gladly accepts.


At the hospital, Noor took the lead by decontaminating the carts. If Cédric congratulates her on her initiative, he quickly changes his tone when he finds out that she made a mistake. Still a student, the young woman nevertheless points out to him that it is normal for her to do so. Tired of being crushed by his internship supervisor, Noor leaves the premises furious. While looking for Doctor Delcourt, Noor takes charge of Lilian who hurt her knee during her football training.

Later, Renaud announces to Lilian that he certainly has a rupture of the cruciate ligaments and that he will have to be operated. Seeing his chances of becoming a professional footballer soar, Lilian accuses the blow. Noor then signals to him that he has the qualities of a real athlete and then encourages him to hang on and not to let go.

Not far from there, Cédric informs his wife that their son will surely have to stop playing football. If the diagnosis is confirmed, then they know they will have to be behind it. For his part, Noor overhears their conversation.

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