Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1097 of Monday, January 10, 2022 …

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Aurore finds her real sister, tension mounts between Alma and Jordan. At the same time, nothing is going well between Noor and Cédric.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday January 10 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


The atmosphere is tense among the Jacobs. As everyone begins to have suspicions about her true identity, Estelle has a hard time understanding why Aurore insists on wanting her to continue pretending to be her sister. The policewoman then reminds her that she accepted an extension and then the sum to stop complaining and continue to hang on.

Meanwhile, Interpol informs the Sète police station that the art collector they were counting on to get their hands on AL has been in prison for two years for smuggling in Hong Kong. If the investigation stalls, Martin is still certain that AL will end up making a mistake.

William later warns his wife that they have exceeded the authorized withdrawal limit. Although she pretends not to know what it is, Doctor Daunier knows full well that she is the only one to have been able to withdraw the missing 5,000 euros from their bank account. Uncomfortable, Aurore claims that she gave her sister a little help. Only, William begins to have doubts and would like them to have a discussion together in order to find the best solution to help Zoe.

A few kilometers away, Estelle is walking through the streets of the city when she is attacked by a mysterious stranger. After breaking her phone, the latter handcuffs her before kidnapping her. At the same time, Aurore tries to reach Estelle but without success. As she is not at home either, the policewoman locates her using a tracer. At the same time, the mysterious stranger asks Estelle why she is posing as someone else. She then reveals to him that Aurore is paying her to pretend to be her sister.

For her part, Aurore arrives at the kidnapper’s hideout and discovers many stolen webs as well as Estelle handcuffed. When she is about to release her, the stranger arrives and the sum of dropping her weapon. However, Aurore knows that she is dealing with her real little sister and begs her to show her face. After she takes off her wig, Aurore, with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes, seems happy to have finally found Zoe.


As Alma finishes dressing, Jordan walks into his room without knocking. And if the teenager is already annoyed at having to leave his bed to his English teacher, things don’t get better when he realizes that she has stolen a pair of socks from him. No longer supporting the situation, Jordan complains to his brother and sister. After reminding him that Alma and Samuel had helped them when they arrived in Sète, Jack advises him to get used to his presence.

His life having become a real nightmare, Jordan intends to make that of his new roommate just as difficult. No matter how much he turns on the music or loudly eats an apple, Alma keeps her cool and lets him know that she has been dealing with angry teenagers for over fifteen years.

A few hours later, Alma gets out of the shower and tells Audrey that one of her children spied on her while she was rinsing her hair. Immediately, the mother summons her tribe and incites the culprit to denounce himself. As no one answers, Audrey proceeds by elimination. Jack being gay, Lizzie not being gay and Leo being still too small for that, only Jordan is left. The latter swears that he did nothing but nobody believes him. Audrey therefore summons him to apologize to Alma but nothing helps.


Noor arrives at the hospital more than an hour late and is greeted by Christelle who shows her a photo of Leila that she found while sorting. While she looks at the picture with tenderness, Cédric joins her and reproaches her for chatting at the reception instead of working. The nurse then confides to Christelle that Noor is not very professional. However, he intends to give her a chance if she holds out until the end of her internship.

Later, Noor fell asleep in Monsieur Dumoret’s room, who woke her up so that she could finally change her infusion. As she gets to work, Cédric arrives and quickly understands that his intern was sleeping. Even if Noor says that this profession is really close to his heart, Cédric refuses to listen to him.

In the evening, Cédric reports to his family that he has never had a worse intern than Noor. And to specify that he still leaves him a few days to prove himself before reporting it to management. For his part, Noor complains about his internship supervisor to Gabriel who is very caring. To change his mind, Noor spends a moment of intimacy with his roommate.

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