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This week in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Virginie Corkas ended her relationship with Martin before leaving Sète. Audrey Looten returns for us to this “brutal” departure, which was a surprise. And on the beautiful evolution of his character.

tomorrow belongs to us

AlloCiné: When did you learn that Virginie, your character, was going to leave Tomorrow belongs to us? And how did you react?

Audrey Looten : I learned that at the beginning of autumn, towards the end of September or the beginning of October. And obviously I was very surprised, I did not expect it. I know that there have been a lot of departures this year, with a lot of arrivals of new actors. But a priori it was not planned for my character to leave, so I was really surprised.

So I was quickly very sad to see the Tomorrow belongs to us adventure come to an end. Even if Virginie was present in a more discreet way lately, I have a real attachment to this character. For me, she still had a lot to live for in this series. I really thought she could live many more beautiful stories.

It’s true that that’s what’s most surprising: we really had the feeling that there were still things to talk about with Virginie, whether in her love affair with Martin or on a professional level, with this new decor of a law firm of which she could very well have been part…

Yes, that’s why the surprise was a bit sudden. With the creation of this new decor, I thought that Virginie would be able to hone her skills there. I was delighted to join this firm, to share this place and business with the character of Jennifer Lauret. And finally, no.

And it’s true that in terms of the Virginie-Martin love story, we always said with Franck Monsigny that these two still had a lot to live for. Because, in a way, from the moment they settled down together, we entered into something more plan-plan. While we thought that they still had a lot of situations to go through. Because of her job, his job, we could have explored a lot of things, especially in a register that was a little more action-oriented. I would have loved that.

Afterwards, I think Jules’ departure certainly put a stop to it, because the family was doing very well. Without Jules, the authors may have had less inspiration for these two characters.

tomorrow belongs to us

In your Instagram posts posted at the end of the week, you said that you had received many messages from viewers of Tomorrow belongs to us. Have you been touched by this wave of support and love?

Verry much. I have been receiving an avalanche of extremely touching and kind messages since the broadcast of the last sequence from Virginie on Wednesday. Many very touching words. We are necessarily very happy when our character appeals to viewers, even if it’s also great to embody characters that people don’t like (laughs). Because it brings things out.

But there, with Virginie, the reactions are all extremely positive and pleasant. And it’s always a pleasure, as an actress, to see that we carried a character that touched people.

This surely also comes from the evolution of Virginie Corkas, who was a bit cold, a bit harsh at the start, because of what she lived with her husband, the life of a mare, but who softened with the time. She showed a brighter side in contact with Bilel then with Martin. And you brought him a beautiful humanity. Are you happy with this evolution over the past three years in the series?

Of course, Virginie’s journey, for me, was pure happiness. The first texts that I had, on his entry into the series, at the time of the run, were great. And everything that followed was just fun to play with my partners.

Through his encounters, through his profession, there were plenty of things to do. Virginie has had a good evolution, in the relationship with her son, in what has been created with Martin, and in her work too. That’s why there’s a little frustration. A lot more could have happened in his life. And she could have shown many other facets.

The humanity you’re talking about, I think they had that from the start. With a certain cold character, yes, but Virginie is quite whole in fact. That’s how I approached it anyway. She is driven by her feelings, her guts, her emotions, in everything she does. There was a real beautiful complete humanity in her.

Virginie’s career in Tomorrow belongs to us ended on Wednesday with a very nice break-up scene with Martin. Is this the last scene you shot?

Yes. Precisely, the last day and the last scene. It wasn’t easy, but at the same time I tell myself that it’s good to have ended with this scene. There was a lot of emotion. But it was a bit short. Virginia’s departure is brutal casually.

This last scene, however, was full of emotion. Because Tomorrow belongs to us it is a human adventure, gripping, and deep. And it is above all the sharing with people, be it the actors and the technical teams, that we retain. These people who surround us, who are there with us, and whom we meet every time we come to work. It was a difficult moment but full of love and beautiful feelings.

For these last episodes, the production brought back Xavier Widhoff, the interpreter of Jules. Was it a nice gift?

Yes, it was a nice gift, but it was a bit short there too. I didn’t have many scenes with Xavier. This return we both hoped for. Because it was a character that appealed to the public a priori. It was a wanted return, even if we didn’t know exactly when it was going to happen. We were expecting a return from Jules. Because I have a lot of fun shooting with Xavier. And in the end we didn’t have many exchanges, scenes together. But it was still nice to see him there with us.

tomorrow belongs to us

We imagine that you will stay in contact with Franck, with Xavier, and the rest of the actors…

Yes of course. I have created beautiful links with certain people. I will follow everything they do. The links are there, are strong. If this Corkas-Constant family worked on screen and appealed to the public, it’s also because we had a lot of respect and tenderness for each other with Franck and Xavier. And fun to play everything we had to play together.

If you had to choose a single plot from Virginia, which one would it be?

There were quite a few though (laughs). It’s complicated because the character has had a real evolution. But it’s true that I felt something very strong and very special about my arrival, the plot of Mickaël and Bilel’s run. We were shooting in an outdoor setting, in an isolated house, in January, it was very cold. I had the impression of shooting an entire film, because we had big days, we chained the sequences, in an emergency and with action. I love that on set.

But, then, this intrigue resulted in all my scenes at the mas with Bilel, played by Atmen Kelif. And this whole period at the mas remains very happy for me, because a lot of things happened. I consider myself happy because I had a lot of things to defend, to play, whether in comedy or drama.

I really liked the slightly darker “robber’s wife” side that Virginie had at the start. This side has been a little erased over time, we have returned to a girl who is more on the straight and narrow. But the “Blackout” storyline early last year had us doing things against the rules and it was very interesting to do. And through her humanity and her commitments, Virginie was not afraid to get wet. She went there with her guts, especially in her profession as a lawyer, so I’m happy, she was a beautiful character.

Does the door remain open to a return from Virginia one day? And would you want to come back if we offered it to you?

Yes. If I am offered an interesting plot, with really things to defend and play, obviously yes. It’s true that as long as we are not declared dead, we have the feeling that our characters can resurface one day (laughs).

It would be with pleasure. Tomorrow belongs to us, it’s a beautiful house, I’d love to set foot there again. I know I would find the goodwill of the team, the people. And it’s great to defend a character over time.

A word about your upcoming projects?

I shot some things at the end of the year, but it’s a bit confidential, I can’t talk too much about it. A series and a small role in a feature film, that’s what I can say. But I will talk about it with pleasure when the time is right.

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