Tomorrow belongs to us: the projects of Anne Caillon (Flore) after her departure from the series -…

After five years spent in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Anne Caillon bids farewell to the series and the character of Flore this evening. But the actress has no shortage of projects and will soon be in the credits of the TV movie “Bellefond” on France 2.

A new page is turning for Tomorrow belongs to us tonight on TF1. After the departures of emblematic figures such as Samira Lachhab, Linda Hardy, or more recently Juliette Tresanini, Anne Caillon, present in the credits since the very first episode broadcast in 2017, is in turn leaving the daily soap opera led by Ingrid Chauvin.

Having gone mad following her breakup with Alex (Alexandre Brasseur), who has decided to return to Chloé, her lifelong love, Flore has taken turns attacking all the members of the Delcourt family, with sole objective: to make them suffer as much as she suffered.

His quest for revenge, which notably caused the death of young Andréa (Aurélien Foubert), will however end in the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast this evening on TF1, and already available on Salto, when the ex – director of the Saint-Clair hospital will be arrested by the police and then interned in a psychiatric hospital.

A placement in HP which thus marks the end of the adventure Tomorrow belongs to us for Anne Caillon, who bids farewell to the character of Flore after five years of good and loyal service, and will no longer appear in the following episodes.

“It had been a while since my character was very nurtured and I didn’t have much to defend. In particular because I was also less present on the set of DNA, having had a few projects on the side. “It was therefore less easy for the authors to invent pretty things for Flore. There, they wanted to offer me this beautiful plot, which also represented a possible exit for my character”confided the actress to Télé Loisirs about her departure.

And if Anne Caillon ensures that these farewells fall “timely”at a time in her life when she wants to spend more time with her 10-year-old daughter who lives in Paris, the interpreter of Flore has no shortage of projects and will be back on the small and big screen very soon. .

tomorrow belongs to us: the projects of anne caillon (flore) after her departure from the series -...

Anne Caillon soon to face Stéphane Bern on France 2

Seen recently in Meurtres à Cayenne and Meurtres à Marie-Galante on France 3, Anne Caillon will soon be in the credits of Bellefond, a police unit from France 2 worn by Stéphane Bern, which was presented last week as part of the Luchon Festival .

This telefilm, which serves as a pilot for a possible series in the event of success, tells the story of Antoine Bellefond, a prosecutor who does not spare the criminals who cross his path. Until one of them, innocent, commits suicide in full court.

Shocked, Bellefond decides to put his career on hold, but his niece, whom he hasn’t seen for years, calls him for help: her father, Antoine’s brother-in-law, has been arrested for murder and refuses to defend herself despite being convinced of her innocence.

Also a professor of criminal law, the hero portrayed by Stéphane Bern then returns to his native village, accompanied by three of his best students, to elucidate this mystery, reconnect with his past and reconcile with his family.

Alexandra Vandernoot (Here it all begins), Mélanie Robert (Un Si Grand Soleil), Arnaud Binard (Alice Nevers), Wendy Nieto (They were 10), or even Oscar Berthe (I lied) complete the cast of Bellefond, which should be broadcast in the weeks or months to come on France 2.

tomorrow belongs to us: the projects of anne caillon (flore) after her departure from the series -...
Jean-Philippe BALTEL/FTV

A feature film with Camille Lou among his projects

Beyond this unit boxed last year, Anne Caillon revealed to Télé Loisirs that she would shoot a feature film in the spring in which she will play the mother of Camille Lou. While two other TV movies, of which she did not reveal the title or the subject, should also soon materialize.

In short, tomorrow belongs more than ever to the one who will lend her features to Flore Vallorta for the last time this evening. Before a possible return to Tomorrow belongs to us one day? “Everything is possible”explains Anne Caillon. “We’ll see. In any case, I’m not dead”.

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