Tomorrow belongs to us: is Audrey Looten (Virginia) leaving the series for good? -…

Last night on TF1, the last sequence with Virginie Corkas was broadcast in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. Her interpreter, Audrey Looten, is she really leaving the series? And is his departure final?

tomorrow belongs to us: is audrey looten (virginia) leaving the series for good? -...

After Victoire and Georges, or more recently Samuel and Alma, another emblematic couple ended their beautiful love story last night in Tomorrow belongs to us.

Decided to go live in Lyon to be with Jules (Xavier Widhoff), Virginie Corkas (Audrey Looten) finally gave up on embarking on a long-distance relationship with Martin (Franck Monsigny) and ended their relationship, with regret. during a very beautiful sequence broadcast during the episode of this Wednesday, January 26.

“I loved our story. Even the difficult times. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second”admitted with a heavy heart the lawyer to her companion, before explaining to him why she could not consider continuing their story despite the distance. “The lack, the expectation. I gave too much (…) Thank you for being there for me. With all the hardships I had to go through, I would never have made it without you”.

As confirmed by Audrey Looten herself on social networks, this sequence served as a goodbye to the character of Virginie, who will not appear in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us and therefore leaves Sète for Lyon.

“Here, it’s a page that’s turned. I tell you, I confess, it’s with a lot of emotion that I shot this scene, this last scene”wrote the interpreter of Virginie Corkas in a long message posted on Instagram. “We think it’s going to be fine but we don’t expect so much emotion. Because this character, I welcomed him with open arms, he brought me a lot. ‘Virginie Corkas’, I liked give you life”.

“Obviously I want to say thank you, to you who followed me, who had supported me, who had sent me tons of always very kind messages”continues Audrey Looten in another message for fans of Tomorrow belongs to us, after thanking her partners, including Franck Monsigny, Xavier Widhoff, Julie Debazac, Rani Bheemuck, and Alexandre Brasseur.

“You participated in the emergence of this character. I know your disappointment, I share it. But we will meet again on other adventures. I was lucky to have an incredible journey in this series, it’s rare to be able to defend a character and make it live so long. Thank you very much for all your messages of support, kindness, loyalty. I am extremely touched. We will meet again very soon. I love doing this more than anything. profession of actress and I do not intend to stop there”.

Is Audrey Looten’s departure definitive? Or could Virginie Corkas come back on occasion in Tomorrow belongs to us, as has been the case in recent months with Sandrine (Juliette Tresanini), who returned to Sète a few weeks after leaving for Guadeloupe to support Victoire, or with Jessica (Garance Teillet) and Dylan (Joaquim Fossi), returned to celebrate the family holidays at Christmas time?

“Nothing is ever definitive in life. And especially not in Tomorrow belongs to us”was content to answer the actress when a viewer asked her the question as part of a question-and-answer interview on the official Instagram account of the series.

In short, the door remains open. But, according to our information, an imminent return of Virginie Corkas is not on the agenda. The fans of the first hour will however be able to “console” themselves with the return of Clément Rémiens, alias Maxime Delcourt, who after his departure from Here everything begins tonight on TF1, will find Ingrid Chauvin and Alexandre Brasseur in the series that brought him revealed the time of a few episodes.

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