Tomorrow belongs to us: after Andrea, will Flore kill Alex? – News Series on TV

tomorrow belongs to us: after andrea, will flore kill alex? - news series on tv

In the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Flore will strike again. After Andrea, will she kill Alex?

Please note this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

After suspecting Maxime (Clément Rémiens) of the murder of Andréa (Aurélien Foubert), the police will take a close interest in Pénélope Berger (Candice Lartigue), the childminder who was expected to be Celeste’s nanny. But a new major twist is about to put the investigators on another track during the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us.

Indeed, Commander Constant (Franck Monsigny) and his team will manage to go back to the receiver who sold the weapon used to kill the nanny of the Delcourts. Against all expectations, the buyer is not Penelope but a character well known to viewers of the successful daily TF1 since it is Flore Vallorta (Anne Caillon).

Since breaking up with Alex (Alexandre Brasseur), Flore has completely lost her footing. Determined to make the Delcourts pay, she is ready to do anything, even the worst, to get revenge. If she did not hesitate to report them for abuse to child welfare, to tag the windows of their home, to send a parcel bomb to Alex and to kill Andréa, Flore did not for all that. intend to stop there.

Recently, she made believe that she was leaving France to settle in Spain but in reality, Bart’s mother never left Sète. Obviously, Andrea’s murder is far from having quenched his desire for reprisals. While his vengeful epic now seems limitless, Maxime and Judith will soon indirectly bear the brunt of his Machiavellian plan. However, his target is quite different since it is obviously Alex.

After Andrea, will Flore go so far as to delete it too?

In a new excerpt available on MTF1the police are now certain that Flore is indeed Andrea’s killer and arrive at Chloé’s (Ingrid Chauvin) and Alex’s.

We know it’s Flore who’s been attacking you from the start. “Explains Karim (Samy Gharbi) to Delcourt.

In shock, Chloe and her children find it hard to believe that this could be true, especially since they are convinced that she has settled in Spain. However, Captain Saeed claims that she is still in Sète and that her colleagues are looking for her. And since bad news never comes alone, he also adds that she eliminated Andréa.

While the Delcourt clan accuses the blow, Karim would like to know where Alex is. Unfortunately, the latter is alone at the farmhouse making his last deliveries of the day.

Tell him to come home. She might come after him, you never know », Launches the policeman to Judith (Alice Varela). As he does not answer, Maxime and Karim immediately go looking for him but will arrive too late.

According to information from News News, a few moments before, Flore is at the farmhouse to confront Alex. Still very much in love with him, she reproaches him for having betrayed her then ends up admitting to him that she wants to see her family suffer as much as her. Thirsty for revenge, Flore takes a gun out of her coat pocket and then shoots him in the head.

In another excerpt, Alex is in the hospital between life and death. Plunged into a coma, he sees his life pass before him and remembers his marriage to Chloé, the birth of Céleste or moments of happiness spent with his family.

When his vital prognosis is engaged, will Alex manage to get out of it despite everything? At the same time, will the police arrest Flore before she attacks another member of the Delcourt clan? Answer soon in Tomorrow belongs to us.

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