Tomorrow belongs to us: a new love story for Raphaëlle? – News Series at the …

tomorrow belongs to us: a new love story for raphaëlle? - news series at the ...

In the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, Victor will obtain the unexpected support of Raphaëlle to get rid of Mona’s advances. But is a love story possible between the lawyer and Victor?

Please note, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Tomorrow is ours. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

Since she fell in love with Victor (Farouk Bermouga), Mona (Catherine Benguigui) has put all her energy to conquer the one who makes her heart beat in Tomorrow belongs to us. Unfortunately, the latter does not have the same feelings.

While he tries unsuccessfully to dismiss him, the former businessman is on the verge of receiving unexpected help during the next episodes of the successful daily TF1.

In a new extract unveils in preview on MYTF1, Victor has just changed jobs to become the new host of the Perraud firm.

While chatting with Raphaëlle (Jennifer Lauret) about a client, Mona arrives at the office then asks to speak to Victor in private. Once alone with the man who inhabits her thoughts, she immediately gets to the heart of the matter.

I had something important to tell you. The other day when I refused to speak to you, well I was playing a game. », She explains to him. If she would like them to forget everything to start from scratch, Victor makes him understand that he has moved on.

Not enough to disconcert Mona who invites him for a drink after work to be forgiven but he declines by claiming to have something already planned.

And to get Mona to give up, Raphaëlle flies to Victor’s rescue by confirming that he has an urgent case to deal with that very evening.

Despite everything, Georges’ mother is not the type to let go so easily and asks Raphaëlle if she could not manage without him. After answering that it was impossible, the lawyer puts her hand on the shoulder of her new employee.

A gesture that did not go unnoticed in the eyes of Mona who necessarily interprets it in a theatrical way. ” Ah, I see what kind of work. Sofa promotion, right ?! I am very disappointed Victor. “. And to continue, ” Goodbye, everything is over between us. “.

Words that sound like liberation for Victor. Relieved to be finally rid of her, he would like to thank Raphaëlle for her intervention. The latter then suggests that they go for a drink, which Victor accepts with pleasure before arranging to meet her in the evening at the Spoon.

Should we therefore expect to see the birth of a love story between Victor and Raphaëlle?

In the episode which will be broadcast this evening on TF1 and even before Victor works for her, Raphaëlle will fall under her spell with a simple glance. Victor having really caught her eye, she will not hesitate to ask Sophie (Carole Bianic) for information about her.

When the latter launches that she thought she still had views on Xavier (Charles Lelaure), Raphaëlle confirms that this is still the case but specifies that he is not yet ready to take the plunge. And by then, the lawyer intends to enjoy life.

For his part, Victor is also not insensitive to the charm of his future boss.

From now on having to rub shoulders with each other on a daily basis at work, Raphaëlle and Victor will obviously get closer. Besides, the glass they are about to share should help them. To the point of embarking on a new love story? Answer soon in Tomorrow belongs to us.