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Tomato Soup Recipe: When I got my first tomatoes, we always made a big pot of tomatoes soup. I still have that recipe to this day.

We used to sit outside on our porch in our warm pots, cooking for ourselves and for our family. It really is a magical thing to be able to sit by the fire while your tomatoes cook. You could almost taste the tomato pulp before it gets to the soup. At the time, tomatoes were a rare and exotic ingredient, but they became an essential part of our daily meals.

Homegrown tomatoes
Homegrown tomatoes

If you would like to try tomatoes soup, I am sure you have heard of a variety of different ways of making it. People have their own favourite way of doing it. The main difference is the number of tomatoes you add. You can either add more tomatoes or less.

This is something we do all the time when making tomato soup. Depending on what season it is that week, people have their own favourites. It depends on what season your tomatoes are at, how ripe they are, and the length of time it has been sitting in the garden. They can have a shorter or longer time in the ground depending on what season it is.

Blend it up

My favourite way of making tomato soup is to blend it up and then boil it down until it has a little consistency. You don’t want it to be thick and mushy, you just want a consistency that you would probably be able to break up with your fingers. This helps cut down on the cooking time as well as the work involved in removing it from the soup pot after it has cooked.

The best way to start with to ensure that your soup is as close to perfect as possible is to add all of the ingredients to the pot. You need to mix everything well and then bring the water to a boil. Once it boils, turn off the heat. Put in the tomatoes, stock, salt, and herbs. Let everything simmer for about 45 minutes to an hour.

My favorite way of making tomato soup is to blend all of the ingredients together until it resembles a smooth consistency. Add more stock, or water if needed, and continue to simmer until you have a nice thick consistency.

Herbs and berries

Make sure that you use fresh herbs in your soup. Berries dried basil, and other fresh herbs can be great additions to your soup. Season your soup with oregano, thyme, and other herbs if you feel you need it.

You will find that with any soup that tomatoes make, you don’t have to add cheese. With tomatoes, you are basically on the same page. I think the best thing about tomatoes is that they can really change the flavor of anything they are added to. The next time you are in the kitchen, try adding tomatoes to some chili.

Before you begin making tomato soup, remember that they can be very expensive. If you are not using a good recipe, you are likely to spend more than you want to. You can buy the ingredients at the grocery store or you can get them online and save money on shipping.

If you are just starting out, it is best to start out slow, just enough to feed yourself and a few people. You can always add more later if you find your interest in making soup grows.

You don’t have to spend hours making soup, but if you really want to make a fantastic soup, you have to take your time and ensure that you are getting the most out of your tomatoes. Not only will it taste delicious, but you will have no trouble maintaining your meal. A tomato soup recipe will take you a couple of minutes and give you a finished product that you can eat.

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