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TLC Tips for Your Truck

truck manufacturer: Owning a pickup truck involves a sizeable investment. Thus, you want the truck to last for a long time. Therefore, routine truck maintenance is vital to ensure that the truck is always in good condition. In addition, when you regularly maintain your vehicle, you can discover minor issues that can potentially become bigger problems if left unfixed.

Whether you have a brand new or used truck, you must follow the recommended maintenance procedures. Proper maintenance not only extends the life of the truck. Maintenance also ensures that the truck will deliver peak performance every time you use it. Here are some tips for giving you truck some tender loving care.

TLC Tips for Your Truck
TLC Tips for Your Truck

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Change oil filter and engine oil

The engine is made up of many parts, which need clean oil for lubricating and protecting them. As engine oil becomes contaminated quickly with debris, dirt, and dust, it is essential to change the oil, depending on the truck model. Newer trucks typically need an engine oil change at least every 6 months or 7,500 miles. Aside from clean oil, the engine needs clean air, which means that you also need to change the oil filter frequently.

Check the levels of other fluids

Your truck has other fluids that need checking, topping, or replacing. First, the engine coolant keeps the engine’s temperature consistent. Next, you must check the power steering fluid (hydraulic fluid), which enables the smooth movement of the various parts of the steering system. Check your truck’s manual for the recommended frequency of changing the engine coolant. Changing the windshield washer fluid is also important to protect the truck’s windshield. Likewise, you should change the brake fluid frequently as the fluid usually absorbs the moisture from the air, which can cause the brake to work improperly.

Protect the truck bed

If you own a pickup truck, it is vital to pay attention to the truck bed, as it is exposed to the environment and the various items you will load into it. For example, you might be loading it with abrasive materials such as gravel, soil, chemicals, or heavy materials that can scratch the surface. Applying Durabak Bedlinerwill ensure that your truck bed is protected for a long time.

Rotate the tires

The wear and tear on the tires differ. Therefore, it is essential to rotate the tires to even out the tread wear on all the tires. Rotating the tires regularly helps prolong the tires’ life, extend the life of the truck’s suspension components, and improve your gas mileage. You should have a professional do the tire rotation so the technician can also check the other undercarriage parts to see if there are problems.

Clean the truck’s exterior

Cleaning the truck’s exterior is not only for aesthetic appeal. Keeping the surface clean will protect the paint by removing abrasive dirt or dust. While you shouldclean the outside of the truckregularly, you should increase the frequency during the winter months if you live in a place where it snows because sand and salt on the roads can cause damage to paintwork.

Proper and regular maintenance is important. Follow the maintenance schedule the truck manufacturer recommends, and you can ensure that you can use your truck efficiently for a very long time.

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