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Tips to Growing Sweet Potatoes in Containers

How to grow sweet potatoes in containers can be done successfully if you have the right location. There are plenty of locations that would be perfect. Here is a look at what to consider in terms of container growing.

Sweet potatoes should be grown when the soil temperature is between eighty and ninety degrees Fahrenheit. This means the soil needs to be well-drained. Too much water in the form of rain during the summer will cause the soil to dry out faster than it was when the potato plants were planted. Plants will tend to wilt and root rot could develop.

How to grow sweet potatoes in containers
How to grow sweet potatoes in containers

Proper nutrition will need to be supplied to the plants as they are ready to plant in the soil. That means fertilizing the ground in early spring after the sun has warmed the ground. The fertilizer will not be needed until late summer or fall, depending on where the potatoes are planted.

Harvesting potatoes in containers can be done in either the fall or winter. This is according to what grows best in the location. The last frost to kill the frost-free period could occur any time between October and November.

Prior to this, frost is one to two weeks ahead of the previous years. As with the ground, the colder it is the shorter the growing season. It also depends on the specific location.

Right Container

Having the right container can help to get the weather conditions that grow the best. There are some other factors that could affect the size and shape of the sweet potatoes that could be a factor in how to grow sweet potatoes in containers. For example, the amount of sunshine the location gets each day could be a factor.

During certain hours of the day the sun is stronger and will heat the soil faster. That is why early morning or late afternoon is a good time to plant. This will ensure there is enough light for the plants to make the most of the sun.

During the summer months of early fall or later, the plants should be moved outside of the house so they are protected from the hot temperatures. Temperatures can reach over a hundred degrees in the summertime. That could burn the plants.

How to grow sweet potatoes in containers could be done with an added benefit of the ability to have the plants indoors. In fact, many vegetable plants can survive in the hot summer and get all the nutrients they need to stay healthy. When temperatures get down below freezing, the potato plants still receive the needed warmth and nutrients.


Also, don’t forget to water your plants. This includes the roots and any surrounding plants. Soaking the surface of the soil in a bucket of water at least once a week will help to keep the plant healthy.

No matter where you grow the plants, if the plants are in the ground it will grow there. If the ground is dug into then it will be protected from weeds and insects that could disturb the roots. On the other hand, if the plant is planted in the ground then it will protect the roots.

All of these things can be done to help with how to grow sweet potatoes in containers. As long as the soil is not over-watered and there is enough sunlight during the day then you should be able to see some sweet potatoes.

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