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Tips to get the most out of your daily routine

Tips to get the most out of your daily routine

A day can bring a lot of things to you. Sometimes a bad sometimes a good however in every state it certainly brings a lot of opportunities and lessons for an individual. Intellectually saying, each day motivates you in your every stage of life. A bad day lets you know about your mistakes and learns from it. A good day lets you improve your performance for the next day. In either way, your day makes a lot different to your life. Though there are no such strict success tips to have a productive day in general. There are few things that can allow you to get the most out of your daily routine. Some of them are discussed below.

daily routineStart your day with meditation/exercise

When you start your day you must start it with light and free mind and what can be better than exercise here. Try to wake up early and start your day with meditation/exercise. It is not only healthy but also refreshing. We all have stress, tension, and work pressure. But when you wake up in the morning, inhale fresh air and meditate for 30 minutes. It certainly makes your mind free form such stress.

Don’t look at your phone / Tab / PC in the morning

Don’t check your emails, facebook or twitter messages in the morning. Let your friends, folks, and clients wait until afternoon for your reply. These emails are well enough to snatch you from your focus for the day. I am not saying that these emails are trash. Of course, they are important but you never know they can be disturbing. They can even spoil your mood that can lead to a waste of the day.

Eat proper and healthy breakfast

Health is your wealth and to grow your wealth potentially you need to have healthy and proper breakfast. A lot of people think that skipping breakfast can be a better help in reducing weight. The wrong concept I must say is skipping breakfast. Have proper and healthy breakfast and start a productive day.

Set a to-do list for the day

Before walking into your office and start working on abrupt projects you must set a to-do list for the day. I am sure you must have priority jobs to be done along with other projects and meetings. Set a priority goal that comprises of those meetings and projects which are important than others. Also try to schedule your priority meetings in the morning (read: the first half of the day).

Don’t wait for the right time to start afresh

Each moment can be the right moment if you think so. If an opportunity is coming on your way don’t wait for any right time just grab it and start afresh. There is no such term like the right time. Whenever life gives you an opportunity to grow that will be the right time for you to take up a challenge.

Don’t rush to finish all your work at a time – say no to multitasking

Don’t multitask. You are a human being and you need to rest. Making most out of your day does not mean you will die tomorrow. Don’t rush to finish your pending jobs, take some time, concentrate on your work and finish them one after another. Multitasking can hurt you and your project as well.

Learn to say “No” – you can’t make everyone happy

Experienced people say you can’t make the entire world happy so don’t try to do that.  Learn to say ‘No’ to extra workload. Don’t hesitate to pass on your extra loads to your colleagues. So stop saying ‘yes’ to every project and stress yourself. Finish what you have today and achieve your goals. Don’t rush, don’t overdo, don’t multitask – make a productive day not a crowded one.

Check your improvement towards achieving your daily goals

You have set a goal and to-do list in the morning, now as the day passes by check the progress of the list. Keep monitoring whether you have successfully achieved the goals or not. Check infrequent intervals to calculate how much time is left to finish the remaining tasks. Again, don’t rush to finish everything, even if you can’t finish them all add them to tomorrow’s priority list.

Make an overall progress report

At the end of the day, make an overall progress or improvement report of your day. The report will tell you whether you had a productive day or not. It is not always a sound bank balance or a whole new bunch of projects that matter to have a productive day; it can simply be finishing up of long pending jobs, meeting new people, gathering new experiences and much more that can make your day a productive one.

Go to bed early

Once you are home, don’t rush to any late night party. Going to early bed does not make your day shorter but helps you start another energetic day tomorrow. To have a productive day you must have a healthy routine like proper food and proper bedtime.

Make your day productive – quick glance

Do’s Don’ts
Start your day with exercise Check your emails, facebook, twitter messages in the morning
Have plenty of water and healthy food Spend the entire day in meeting room
Set a to-do list Avoid priority tasks
Set your goals for the day in the morning Get distracted from the daily goal and also don’t rush to achieve it
Monitor your improvement in a day Commit to everything
Fix your meetings in the morning Multitask
Pass on extra workload to others Try to take more work in a day


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