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How to get pale skin overnight

How to get pale skin overnight

As a defense mechanism dark skin evolves to protect against the harmful rays from the sun. But, it is evident that we wish to have a pale skin instead of a dark skin. In some regions of the Earth, humans living in some particular areas may develop this dark skin to avoid harmful effects of sun rays. Although this is not the only reason, however, by avoiding staying under the sun, we may be able to gradually lighten our skin by taking care of our body from the sun rays. It is hardly possible to attain a complete paler skin without pricey and irreversible procedures. The list below provides some of the proved and better methods to get pale skin overnight:

How to get pale skin overnight
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Avoid sun

Melanin is mostly produced in those people who live near to the equator as they are more directly exposed to the Ultra Violet radiation. To protect itself from the UV damage, this excess melanin causes dark skin pigmentation. So, avoid staying under the sun by returning to shades, using an umbrella or such other methods.

Use a sunscreen that helps protect you from UVA rays that cause aging and UVB rays that burn your skin. Choose a sun protection factor between 30 and 50 and apply it on your skin to avoid skin burning and skin aging.

Take care of your skin and body

Maintaining a proper healthy diet gives you proper control over your body and keeps it healthy. A healthy body means a healthy skin, which frees you from imperfections, red or dry patches, blemishes and uneven complexion issues.

Good blood circulation in our body means healthy skin. So following cardiovascular exercises that strengthen your heart and lungs is essential that improve your blood circulation.

Always keep your skin clean from dirt and sweat and keep it moisturized to make it feel happy. Wash your every day with a gentle cleanser and moisturize it daily.

Massaging your skin daily promotes a good blood circulation which results in a healthier and good looking skin. Every day, before going to bed, use aloe vera or a massage lotion to massage into your skin thoroughly.

Home Remedies

Apply on your skin juices of citrus fruits that are high in vitamin c, such as citrus fruits. They help exfoliate and lighten your skin from the darkness. But, remember not to apply citric acid on your face, as this can be harmful.

A skin lightening mask made with turmeric or rose water and cucumber juice and then spreading it on your face can help lighten your skin. Apply this paste on your skin for about 30 minutes and retain it and then rinse with water.

After rinsing your rice, the leftover water can be a good remedy for acting as an agent to lighten your skin from the darkness. Retain it like that for about 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it.

Rubbing raw potato on your skin can also have a nice effect in bringing light to your skin. After retaining it for about 30 minutes, wash it to have a pale skin overnight.

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