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Tips to get flawless skin without makeup

Tips to get flawless skin without makeup

No wonder everybody wants to look beautiful and to achieve so he/she undergoes various options. Concealing blemish through makeup is one of them. But remember cosmetics are not the only way. What if you are allergic to beauty products, have sensitive skin or simply you want to go makeup free, then here are some golden advises specially assembled for wishful people those targets “ How to get flawless skin without makeup?”

get flawless skin without makeupTo hit the target you need to focus on 3 different factors that are-

  • Daily routines

  • Nail healthy habits

  • Treat skin without makeup

Start them right now

Your daily routines need some regular practices that lead to beautiful skin, as rightly said: “Rome was not built in a day”. Your daily regular practice of following routines will forecast your flawless skin in future. Start them right now-

  1. Don’t forget to clean your face, especially in the morning, evening, bedtime and after exercise-Use mild cleanser for cleaning your skin. Choose a cleanser that suits your skin. Make sure that you clean your face after exercise as the sweat may clog the pores or irritate your skin.
  2. Moisturise daily- A good moisturiser is like a tonic for your skin.it will help keep your skin look even, tight, flawless and well moisturised. It will give the youthful and vibrant look to your skin. Moisturising it after a bath will keep the skin’s natural moisturiser intact. The Rule applies to oily skin as well.
  3. Weekly exfoliates- exfoliating skin once a week is a good idea, as it will remove dead skin from the skin leaving it looking flawless and youthful.
  4. Apply sunscreen daily- Usually, it is taken for granted that sunscreen is applied when you go out in the sun. True, but don’t forget that this sunscreen helps in repairing damaged like wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration. So, don’t forget to apply it even if it’s cloudy out. Make sure you leave home after applying SPF 30 when you sweat a lot or going out for swimming.
  5. Apply anti- wrinkle cream- The cream acts like a shield on the skin and makes it look younger and smooth. The cream will help your skin look healthier temporarily.

How to get flawless skin without makeup

Apart from this daily routine, what one needs to follow are a healthy habit that has to be included in the daily routine and has to make daily affair while targeting “How to get flawless skin without makeup?” These daily habits are popular but less followed. Hit the bull’s eye by following these health-giving ways-

  1. Protect from Sun as much as you can- Sunrays do not only elevates the risk of cancer but also makes skin prone to wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin tones. To keep all these problems at bay make sure that you hide your skin as much as possible from the sun. Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses and hat while going out. Leave home with full sleeved clothes and not-to-mention your very personal sunscreen.
  2. A big NO-NO to junk food- Your skin very much reflects the type of food you eat. Increased blood sugar triggers wrinkles, acnes and irritations. Delete junk food from your diet and add-on healthy food in daily routine while you target flawless skin.
  3. The magic of antioxidant-rich food-Antioxidants acts magically on your skin. It will help reduce free radicals in your digestive system and thus reducing the skin damage.
  4. Daily exercise- The most attractive skin is the skin that is toned. A toned skin looks younger and less saggy. To achieve the toned skin you should target daily exercise. 75 minutes of aerobics or dance activity twice a week is good enough to get your skin toned. 150 minutes of brisk walk every week is equivalent to any good exercise.

Healthy habits

Healthy habits and daily routines when are rightly matched elevate the  skin tone but what if you already have a skin problem and don’t want to opt for make then add-on these no-makeup skin treatments and achieve better results for “ How to get flawless skin without makeup?”

  1. Reduce acnes without applying any makeup-Apply ice cube as it will reduce the redness and inflammation. Applying tea tree oil is also a wonderful idea.
  2. Clear eczema by using home treatments like bath with oatmeal and baking soda.
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