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Tips for Picking the Right Bed For Your Life

Tips for Picking the Right Bed For Your Life

Beds are an important thing. Many people take their beds for granted since not everyone in the world has a bed. You may be more of a modern person, that likes more of a minimalist style, and may opt for something simple like an air mattress.

You could be someone that enjoys extravagant things, so you opt for a California King, with a four-poster bed frame. If you have kids, you may be purchasing single beds, or full-size beds, daybeds, or even bunk beds. If you sometimes have unexpected company, you might even have a bed that can be stored away.


Here are a few tips for picking the beds that you, your family, and even your guests, will be sleeping on in your home.

Picking Mattress Style And Size

There is more that goes into picking a mattress than how big it needs to be, although that is important. Children and people that like to sleep alone can get away with a single or full-size bed, while some couples want their bed to be large, and even a queen size may not be enough. If you toss and turn a lot, even when you’re sleeping alone, you may want at least a queen size.


Your mattress type will depend on the comfort you want, and the money that you have available to spend. For something cheap, you’ll want just a standard mattress, which you may want to flip every once in a while. Get a pillow top for a more cushiony sleep experience. If you have back issues, consider investing in a memory foam mattress or even have a look at these adjustable beds for extra comfort.

What Type Of Bed Frame Is Right?

Bed Frame

For some people, simply having a mattress and box spring on the floor is fine, But you may want to get a simple frame to lift it up and let it breath more (and give you a little more comfort. You might want a nice headboard, with a bookshelf, or maybe just something simple.

If you have multiple kids, bunk beds are often a good bedding choice. Only one child, but they like have sleepovers? Get a trundle bed or a daybed.

Planning On Having Guests?

You don’t have to have a spare bedroom in order to have guest spend the night. There are other options, such as a pullout couch. Rollaway beds, that fold up and fit in a closet, are often an excellent choice (and not any less comfortable than the couch bed).

If you don’t have much storage space, invest in an air mattress. When it’s not in use it can easily be stored in any closet. They come in all different styles and sizes, at all different costs.

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