Tips for Picking Fashionable Jewelry and Accessories

Tips for Picking Fashionable Jewelry and Accessories

Picking Fashionable Jewelry: Dressing up for work or a night on the town is about far more than picking the right wardrobe. You also want to accessorize correctly, which is about more than just grabbing one ring and tossing it on your finger. You want to pick jewelry and accessories that fit your personality, as well as your lifestyle.

 Picking Fashionable Jewelry

You also want to make sure that your accessories look good with what you are wearing, and with the skin that you are in. Some colors don’t look as good on some skin types. But, in the end, accessorizing is all about you feeling comfortable in what you’re going out in, so have some fun with it.


Picking Gemstones

One important consideration to keep in mind when it comes to jewelry is what gemstones you want to wear. Some people wear certain gems because it’s the birthstone of a child, or maybe even their birthstone. However, some people pick a certain one simply for its colors.

Consider the fact that if you have red hair, an emerald or peridot may look stunning on you. You might also want to consider the cost. If you have the money for something magnificent, why not invest in something rare, like a pink diamond.

Gold Or Silver?

Gold or Silver
Gold or Silver

Picking gold and silver can have a lot to do with both what you are wearing and what your skin tone is. If you have pale skin, you may find that you don’t look as great wearing gold as someone with a more tan complexion.

You can combine gold and silver, but make sure you are doing it with same textures. Antiqued gold with antiqued silver or shiny gold with shiny silver.

Costume Jewelry

If you don’t feel like picking between gold or silver, maybe you’d prefer some costume jewelry. Pick colors and sizes that work for you. Sometimes something as simple as a pearl necklace could be the perfect accent piece for your outfit.

pearl necklace
pearl necklace

Even gaudy vintage jewelry can be the ideal accessory, depending on your outfit and your plans. But how do you decide what size to wear?

Big or Small?

Statement pieces can be colorful, bulky, or both. For some people, statement pieces may be far too bold. For others, they can be the perfect conversation piece. You don’t want a huge piece of jewelry to take away attention from other stylish things in your look though, and you also don’t want it to draw attention to specific parts if you’re trying to be modest anyway.

Big or Small Jewellery
Big or Small Jewellery

A big piece can bring attention to the area where it is placed, but you also don’t want it to clash with your outfit. It helps to know the color wheel, so you know what colors will go well together, even if you are going for contrasting looks.

Fine Fashion Tips To Mold Your Beauty


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