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Tips on how to get US Netflix in UK

Tips on how to get US Netflix in UK

Netflix UK
Netflix UK

Netflix hasn’t been able to deliver a smooth service across the UK as it has done in the US. This is due to its content load that the UK viewers have to suffer. This article throws some light on how to get US Netflix in UK, and also goes further to discuss accessing Netflix on devices like Apply TV, PlayStation, iOS, Xbox and Android smart-phones.

In comparison to the amount of content accessed by the US viewers, the amount of content viewed by UK users is far too less. The content film makes a big difference in both countries. Like the releases from Warner Bros, there are a number of films that have lost rights to Now TV, Sky Store, Amazon Prime and other competent video streaming services.

Netflix in UK has a much slower access to TV shows than in the US. It is very difficult for you to watch cult movies like the American Horror Story and Mad Men on Netflix UK.

Besides dealing with the licensing problems, one needs to consider opting for a Netflix global subscription. This leaves a clear indication that instead of the place you signed up for this service, the place from where you’re accessing it has more influence on its performance. You’ll find out the difference when you’re on a trip to the US. You may check it out as you open your laptop and find the warm greetings from Netflix US. For those who have kids, the difference in rating seems to bring a positive effect. Once you check out the home page, you’re bound to come across a long list of movies which won’t be available when you return to the UK.

Try out a few things to access the US Netflix content

For this, you’ll need to make the most of browser plug-ins. Such plug-ins may prove to Netflix that you’re still in the US and help you access all the US content that you’ve enjoyed during your trip. Trying this out isn’t good official, since it goes against the terms and conditions of Netflix’s services. You’re not supposed to alter or remove their content protections without seeking their permission. In your attempt to access the US content of Netflix in UK, you may actually get banned by the service provider. In case you’re comfortable with this idea, you may try to access it through Android Tablets, Macs and PCs. Don’t try to access such content via TV sets, iPhones and iPads.

VPN ban has been initiated by Netflix


The terms and conditions of Netflix have been changed since January, but it came into effect in April 2015. Your Netflix services may be restricted or terminated without any notification if the service provider has reason to believe that you’re violating their terms and conditions. The same goes for when you utilize this service in an improper or illegal way. These changes are aimed at users who are using US Netflix services with the help of VPNs from within the UK. These users are crossing borders virtually at the risk of getting their Netflix services terminated.

 There are places where Netflix doesn’t own the right to share content with viewers. Legitimate license owners of contents have started complaining against viewers that use VPN. You’ll possess enough risks in following the tutorials that depict illegitimate Netflix usage. You must play safe since you won’t like to lose Netflix’s services forever.

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