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Tips on Buying a Platform Bed

Platform beds prove to be very popular with clients nowadays. Comparable to conventional beds, they can be found in standard sizes to fit the requirements of end-users. Sizes include twin, full, queen, and king. Getting your platform bed perfectly matches your bedroom furniture collection and room decor will certainly add a contemporary look to your bedroom.

What are platform beds?

Unlike traditional beds that use standard springs and a mattress, the mattress utilizes metal or wooden slats as a good foundation to hold just the mattress. Because they use pliers to the foundation, this provides solid support whatever the sort of mattress they use, which offers a wonderful advantage for those that have back problems from sleeping on a sagging mattress.

Platform Bed
Platform Bed


In regards to the materials used to create the bed, the stage beds can be made from wood, metal or plastic. The wooden beds provide warmth and agreeable appearance while the metallic ones give an industrial atmosphere. Generally speaking, metal beds are more resistant than wooden counterparts and the cost will be lower than wooden ones.


A single bed is the smallest size, ideal for sleeping an individual or for homes that have small rooms. But if you want more sleeping area, a double bed is recommended since it’s wider and longer than the twin. For couples or people who want extra sleeping area, a king-size is the best choice, but for tall folks, it could be necessary to look at purchasing a Californian size rather as it’s four more markets but thinner than the king size.

Platform beds with wardrobe

For people who have rooms with limited space or want to conserve space, you will need to appear at a platform bed with storage. It’s acceptable for people who wish to store unused items or out of season clothing to keep the rooms clean and organized. This sort of bed includes a drawer or numerous drawers under the framework creating more storage capability. In case you’ve got a high budget and wish to give your room a traditional look, we strongly advise that you purchase one made of hardwood, such as mahogany, cherry, walnut or walnut.


The cost practically depends upon the size and material used. Evidently, twin beds cost less than king size beds, while the hardwood mattress costs more than the softwood because of its durability. Of all of the beds, the metal beds are under the purchase price list. Generally speaking, the purchase price of a double bed ranges from $200 to $700, though a king-size bed can cost $ 2,000 or more.

Platform beds can be found in virtually every style, colour, fabric and wood possible, using a platform bed in your room may add a feeling of elegance and style into any room. We expect this buyer guide can help you make the ideal choice for your next purchase.

3 Platform Bed Benefits You Should Know About

The basic box springs, or platform bed rails, have been a staple of platform beds for as long as the bed has existed. The platform bed is an ideal space-saving option, whether in the master bedroom, guest room, spare bedroom, or even in a guest room. But, what are some of the many benefits of the platform?

First, platform bed rails can be found in just about any size, and there is usually enough space for a queen size mattress, or twin sized airbeds if you wish to get a little fancier. Box springs, on the other hand, are generally found in larger sized beds such as twin, full, queen, and king size. The box springs were traditionally so universally used in traditional beds that the word platform bed is actually derived from the French word meaning “little platform.” Some of today’s more high-tech beds utilize a unique type of platform, which consists of raised platform “rails” above the box springs. This allows for extra legroom and gives the bed the appearance of a larger space, yet it also keeps the bed’s overall compactness.

The second benefit of a platform bed is the simplicity. There are no box springs or drawer boxes to clean. The platform bed rail simply folds out to reveal the bed itself, and then folded back into place. This simplicity is one of the platform’s strongest points. No more messy rollers and no more drawer space to keep your linens in.

The third benefit of a platform bed is the bed’s versatility. Whether you need to make small changes to your current bed design, or you simply want to add a little more space to the room, a platform can help you achieve both. A platform is not only easy to modify but versatile, which can make it an ideal option for small home remodels.

Platform beds have also been known to make a room seem bigger. For example, when they are installed at the foot of a bed or in the middle of the room, they create the illusion of more space. This may be accomplished by bringing in a window or simply creating a new seating area, whether it be on a single or double bed. In addition, the bed can create an illusion of more floor space when it is folded up against the wall.

The last benefit of a platform bed is the ability to customize it to fit the space you have available. Whether you need a platform with extra storage or a twin or full size bed, a platform is a great choice, because of their variety of styles and sizes. Whether you need a bunk bed with a drawer or a bed with four drawers, a platform is an ideal choice.

The platform also makes it very easy to find your way around a bed. Since there are no bulky box springs, it makes it much easier to change out the cushions without having to reach through the bed frame or use a ladder to reach the bottom. With that said, a platform also allows you to easily store bedding, linens, pillows, and bed sheets. There is no more need to climb the ladder to get in and out of the bed.

Platform beds are an excellent option if you’re looking to maximize your bed’s space and functionality. With their ease of use and versatility, these beds are a safe and cost-effective solution to a smaller bedroom.

If you are thinking of purchasing a platform bed, you should think about how your bedroom will look. Will it compliment your existing furniture? Will the bed to fit in with the decor of the rest of your room?

Once you’ve thought about the look of your bedroom and the overall feel of your room, you can begin shopping for a platform bed. Keep in mind the amount of space you have available so that you don’t end up getting a bed that does not fit.

Platform beds also make an excellent investment if you’re going to be moving from one home to another. As they are very simple to move and store, if you need a new bed, you can easily take them with you.

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