Tips to latest simple Arabic mehndi designs for hands

Tips to latest simple Arabic mehndi designs for hands

Arabic mehndi designs are quite popular with brides and bridesmaids. Especially for their characteristic floral patterns and creeper effect. Some people even match some of the design elements on their mehndi with the motifs of their outfit. Whatever is the design, making your own Arabic mehndi patterns is not that difficult. Here are some helpful tips that will make you feel more confident:

Choose a good brand

Make sure that you are taking henna from a good brand, which is sure to leave the proper colour behind after drying. If your henna packet is not from a good company or is expired, then it will not give the desired effect. Some people also like to get fresh henna leaves and make the powder themselves.

arabic mehndi designs
arabic mehndi designs

In countries where mehendi is a part of regular traditions, festivals and customs, there are local shops that make fresh mehendi mixes every day, and you can take them by weight as and when required. These locally made fresh mehendi mixes are very good for getting the perfect colour and desired consistency.

arabic mehndi designs

Consistency Check

It is vital for your mehndi to be of proper consistency. This plays an important role during the application process. If your mehndi is too thin, then you will not be able to have control over the designs; and if it is too hard, then it won’t come out properly from the cone, thereby causing jerks and breaks in the designs. So make sure that the mehndi is properly made and settled before you get to the application.

arabic mehndi designs

Cone Check

Just like the mehndi consistency, the cone that you are applying from is also very important. Make the cone hole as small as possible to get thin, fine lines on the design and not bulky ones. However, too small a hole can cause problems in the free flow of the mehndi. There are some readymade cones available in the market these days, which do the job fairly well, so you can probably take one of those to save yourself from the hassle of making your own cones.

arabic mehndi designs

Design Inspiration

While designs come naturally to some people, there are others who are not so good at them. For the latter, there is plenty of design inspiration available in the form of mehndi design books or websites online. Choose your favorite designs and copy them. You can even choose your favorite elements from various designs and combine them to make your own unique mehndi design.

arabic mehndi designs

Arabic Touch

Arabic designs are most popular for their floral feel and the shaded effect. Shading might take some practice, but it is not very difficult to learn. You can take inspiration from nature around you and make your own Arabic designs. Most importantly, you should have fun making your own designs and should not worry so much. A few lines here and there won’t make a big difference to the overall design, and it looks beautiful anyway once it has dried off and the color has developed. Just let your heart direct you on the design and make your own patterns without worrying so much.

best mehndi designs

Thick and Thin Technique

You probably would have noticed that most great mehendi designs are a mixture of thick and thin lines. The thick lines or the bold ones are usually the outlines of the shapes or elements of your mehendi design, and they make the basic framework for you to fill in more details with the thinner lines inside. Adopt this technique to make your design a lot easier and organized. But again, don’t worry too much about it. If you feel that you work better with a different method, follow that fearlessly. There is no right or wrong in applying mehendi and you don’t need to stress about following any kind of rule here.

thick and thin technique

Make It Stay

When you have invested so much of time and energy in making the perfect mehndi design for yourself, then you might as well put in some more effort to make it stay. Make sure that you let the mehendi dry properly and don’t touch anything while the hands are still wet. Once dry, dab it with a cotton ball soaked in a mix of lemon juice and sugar to help develop the color. Do this once, let it dry, and then repeat the process. Once it has dried finally, scrape off the mehendi by using baby oil.

arabic mehendi designs” src=”×676.jpg” alt=”arabic mehendi designs” width=”618″ height=”408″ /> arabic mehendi designs

It is not recommended for you to scrape off the mehendi under water or use soap for the next 12-14 hours, as it can cause the coloring particles to get washed away. Mehendi usually develops more color and darkens when exposed to air, and you will actually see the full color coming out the day after it has been applied. Keeping that in mind, it is usually advisable to backtrack from your big day and apply the mehendi accordingly.

Mehendi packets

mehendi packets

If you live in a place where mehendi cannot be found that easily, then you can simply order it online. Most South East Asian countries have websites that sell and ship local mehendi brands across the world. So regardless of wherever you are, you can order mehendi packets, cones, design books and other related materials easily. Many people look at mehendi as an art form, and if you are interested in it, you can actually make a good hobby or a profitable side business with it. All you need to do is let your creative juices free and have fun with the designs. 

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