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Tips to increase your business page likes

Tips to increase your business page likes

Business page likes: Facebook helps businesses to reach out to all their target audiences, people that matter to them. Page Likes always given to business pages. Business pages are pages that business entities can create to showcase themselves on the popular social media network. There are a variety of reasons why these pages are quite beneficial to businesses.

Business page likes

  • They help you get discovered online:

When people search online for you, they will come across your Facebook page. Facebook pages get incredibly high ranking on search engines. They are also easily discoverable on Facebook itself. Your customers have to write your name in the search bar, and they will be directed to your page.

  • Get connected with your customers

When you create a business page, you can directly connect with your customers. Your customers can interact with you through your posts and share them with their friends. They can also use the check-in feature when they visit your shops.

  • Insightful data

Facebook business pages offer you great analytics. This analytics helps you understand how your customers interacted with your posts and other activities that you carried out on your page.

Now, this does clear why a business page on Facebook is necessary. But once you make a business page, you would want more followers on it. Whenever someone likes your page, they keep getting your posts on their timelines. For a business, this is an opportunity. They can share their promotions, updates and what not directly to their customers. This makes it imperative for a company to increase their likes.

So if you want to increase likes for your business page, here’s what you need to do:

Use Facebook Advertising options.

Facebook offers page admins with a plethora of options when it comes to advertising on it. These options help you to promote your posts, videos and the page itself. Since we are only talking about page likes, we are just going to discuss some of the options.

  1. Facebook page promotion:

Page promotion is the advertising option where your page is promoted. Facebook allows you to set a target audience with which you can quickly set your audience that you want to reach. After you have set your audience, Facebook will offer you a preview of your add. You can create the new image for your cover photo as the page will be promoted with your cover photo. You can also use your existing cover photo. Once you have set it up, Facebook will review your ad and will start promoting your page. Your page will be featured on the newsfeed of the target audience, right-hand side of the newsfeed and in the audience network.

  1. Facebook post promotion

Another way to increase the likes of your page is to focus on your posts. When you start promoting your posts, their reach gets an incredible boost. Each post then gets a lot of engagement. Your customers interact with it, they share it, and their friends share it. This, in turn, creates a lot of traffic for your website that also helps in increasing likes.

Use creative content

Facebook promotional options aren’t the only thing that you can do to get more likes. Many tend to promote in the initial days of their Facebook page. When they get some traction and followers on their page, they start sharing content that has viral potential in it. This can be funny posts or material that is related to the top trending topic. This kind of jobs tends to create more engagement which in turn helps in getting more likes for the business page.

Use cross promotion

The best part about Facebook is that it allows you to easily connect your Facebook page to another place on the internet. Whether it’s your website or a landing page, using a small code, you can have people come to your page and like it instantly. This code can be easily found online, and all you have to do is paste it into your website’s code. You will find this code under the name “Facebook social plugin.”

There is also a comments plugin available which allows your customers to comment on your website or its blog easily. They can later share this activity on their timelines.

While on the subject, the cross-promotion of your Facebook business page can also be promoted on your Twitter and LinkedIn pages as well. A post can be created with a catchy call to action to visit your Facebook page and like to remain in the loop for future updates.

Offer incentives:

Another favorite way to get people to like your business page is to offer incentives. Customers love it when they get something with value. And they loved it, even more, when they get these by just liking your page. You can offer free ebooks, discounts, gifts and numerous other things if people start to like your page.

Plan a contest:

If you are thinking that giving away a lot of free stuff is something not up to your alley, then we recommend that you run a game. The rules of the contest can make sure that your customers like your page and also share it on their timeline. Customers love contests and want to win the prizes you offer. So expect fantastic engagement and an exponential increase in your page likes.

Facebook along with other social media networks are becoming essential for business marketing success. Social media is now crucial to directly connect with your customers. With Facebook business pages you can quickly reach out to your customers. Share relevant content and drive traffic to your website. Using these strategies you can increase the number of likes to your business page in no time.

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