Tips To Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

Tips To Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

Tips To Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

Wifi has become one of the most important tools for survival in the recent days. Many people all over the world will connect wifi as the first thing when they are coming to their home from outside. The current mobile technology like 4G is supporting users with high amount of data with high speed. But the fact is that they cannot stand a chance to come near to wifi. The main reason why wifi is very much speed is because of the fact that they convert the direct bandwidth that is available through optical fiber or the fixed line.

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The expansion of Wi-FiWireless & Fidelity
Who Invented the basic technology of Wi-Fi?Hedy Lamarr
Wi-Fi referred as802.11 Technology
Wi-Fi is based onIEEE 802.11 Standard
The year in which the Wi-Fi gets Standardized?1990
Wi-Fi transmission uses which spectrum to occupy higher bandwidths?The Spread Spectrum

There is less or no chance for people to get congested with the wifi signal and get jammed. Because of the fact that it is always personal and there are a number of reasons that will also support wifi. The most important sources for people to connect to internet.

Ease of connectivity

When people connect to internet with the help of wifi, they are very often connecting to the internet with the help of their personalized router or device rather than just relying on the public or some other infrastructure to connect to the internet. It is one of the most essential thing that people must make sure that they are using the latest or advanced model of the router or the end device that is providing wifi connectivity as it matters a lot in terms of the quality of service and the speed that the device offers

Always go for the higher band

There are a number of bands which wifi is currently being offered by the end devices.  The devices that are connecting wifi also must support the same. The latest band that is supporting wifi can offer high speed in the range of several mega bits per second, but the bottom line is that both the end device and the device that is providing connectivity must support the same, in short, they both must be speaking up the same language to make sure that the connection is well and good.

Avoid sources of distraction

One of the most important things that people need to check if they are not able to connect properly to internet through wifi is the barriers that are present in the location. Some of the important points that people must keep in mind while installing modem for wifi are as follows

Check for the internet speed at terminal

It is a necessity for people to make sure that the bandwidth that people are having high speed internet connectivity at their terminal. This is to make sure that they can able to get best internet speed from wifi without any chances of delay. Also higher the speed at the end of the wifi modem or the devices, higher will be the speed what users can able to get from their end. It also matters about what type of connectivity that people are getting at their home or office, whether it is electrical or optical.

Connect different devices in different proximity

It is a common mistake that many people do in the real world very often that they will be connecting multiple devices at the same place and they will try to get maximum speed. If there are three to four people using the same band and the same signal from the wifi modem in a single place, then there are many chances that they will end up with interference among themselves. It is always recommended to maintain some ambient distance from each other to make sure that the signal is not being interfered.

Use secured password

On the top of all, security of the wifi modem is one of the most important things that will determine a number of factors. If the wifi modem is having less or no security, there are many chances available for outside people to easily drag into the network and make available bandwidth to go exhaust. To make sure that such things are not taking place, it is a hard necessity for people to secure their wifi device with the help of high standard security set up so that only intended and allowed users can connect to internet with the help of wifi modem.

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