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Tips on Being a Great Dog Owner

Tips on Being a Great Dog Owner

When it comes to owning a dog, you’ll find that there is a lot of responsibility involved. While cat owners can spend much time away from home and usually not worry about their pet need food, to use the bathroom, or some special attention, dog owners are an important part of their dog’s life and need to be around far more than cat people.

Great Dog Owner

If you want a dog, make sure to consider the following things. If you already own a dog, are you doing all of these things for them? You should be if you want to be a great dog owner.

Take Care Of Your Dog’s Health

There is a lot that goes into having a healthy dog. They need regular visits the the veterinarian for vaccinations and preventative care. It’s a lot cheaper to pay for preventative care than it is to get your dog taken care of after they’ve contracted a virus from a bug bite.

You should also be concerned about their dental care. Dogs are omnivores and they need healthy teeth in order to eat the foods they need in order to be at optimal health. Take your dog in regularly for cleanings, and even brush their teeth at home.

They Need Love And Affection

Dogs need far more attention than many other animal types do. They are companion animals in every sense of the word. They want your love and affection, they even thrive on it.

Pet your dog, brush them, and scratch behind their ears. Snuggle with them and talk to them, and they will be your loyal friend for their entire life.

Exercise Is Important

Dogs need exercise, no matter what breed they are. They will easily get overweight, which can be bad for their joints and their internal organs. Even if you don’t have time to take your dog for a daily walk, you need to find some way to make sure they are getting regular fitness.

You could ensure you have property enough for them to get some running in. You might want to have a fenced in yard for them to run in if you live in the city.

Feeding Them Right

Many people believe that dogs are carnivores, but they actual need more than meat to thrive. In fact, dogs can live on meat free diet, but you’d still be limiting them of some food types they are made to eat.

Part of feeding your dog properly is to also realize that they should not be eating most people foods. They don’t need all of the sugar in much of the food you eat, and some things, like chocolate, could actually kill them. Well some fresh vegetables, and even fruits, could also be good for them.

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