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Tips For Using a Treadmill

Tips For Using a Treadmill

A treadmill looks like a simple fitness machine. But there are many things to consider surrounding how well you can use a treadmill. You can use these tips to improve upon how well you can make the most out of your treadmill workout.

Warm Up First

Don’t get on the treadmill right away. Warm-up for a bit before you start. Plan a five-minute walk or something else to get your heart ready for a workout. A warm-up helps you get more oxygen to your muscles and increase your heart rate. The effort makes it easier for you to complete your workout.

A treadmill
A treadmill

Plan a Slight Incline With Care

An incline makes it easier for you to burn calories. But you have to be careful when getting an incline ready. Start the incline at zero or something close to it at the start. You should push yourself a little further when running.

Keep the incline from being too high. Set the level to less than seven percent for the best results. The setting ensures you won’t produce as much strain on your body when running.

Don’t Hold the Rails

Avoid holding the rails or other features on your treadmill when running. You’ll reduce the workload when running if you use a bit of support.

You should also reduce the incline or speed if you keep holding the rails. The running should feel as natural as possible. You should maintain a proper position when running, not to mention you need to avoid anything too rough.

Consider the Stride

Look at how well your stride is moving when running. The stride is a measure of the steps you take each minute. You can count how often one foot will hit the belt in one minute. You can then multiply that total by two to figure out how many steps you complete each minute. You might need to keep your feet a little closer to the belt when running.

A typical high-level runner will go at 180 steps per minute. You don’t have to get to that total, but it helps to keep your stride a little stronger.

Stay Hydrated

It’s also easier for you to complete your work when you’re hydrated. The lack of air resistance that you feel when running on a treadmill can cause you to become dehydrated a little faster than if you were outdoors. You need enough water to recover. Consume about six ounces of water for every twenty minutes you are on a treadmill. The total should be enough to help you feel restored after working out.

Cool Off After Working

The final tip is to cool off after your treadmill session ends. Walking for a bit after running allows you to keep your heart rate down. You don’t want to experience a sudden or dramatic drop, as that could cause you to wear out if you are not cautious enough. It may take about five to ten minutes for you to cool down all the way, but it helps you feel better when you finish working out.

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