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Tips for Managing and Improving Your Large Yard

Tips for managing and improving your large yard 

If you have a lot of lands to maintain, you know what a struggle it can be to keep it looking nice.  A large yard can turn into a liability real quick when you don’t know how to properly manage its care.

The good news is that there are plenty of tools available today. That makes it much easier to keep up with your huge yard.  If you’re not sure where to begin, take some time to delve into a brief summary of a few tips. Tips for managing and improving your large yard.

Large Yard 
Large Yard

Get the right equipment to handle the job

Maintaining a large yard means that you will need more than just a simple push mower to get the job done.  You could spend hours push-mowing your huge yard. Or you could get a super functional tractor that is able to handle several different elements of your land.

You can use your tractor to mow large portions of land.  Takedown largely overgrown areas, and use your tractor to bush hog the particularly troublesome pieces of your yard.

Keep a regular schedule for maintenance

Your large yard will be easier to manage if you stay on top of the maintenance.  Set a regular schedule for mowing, edging, weed-eating, hedge-trimming, and other yard work, so the job never gets too out of control.

Once a week is a good time span to consider for maintenance.  When you wait for longer, you run the risk of getting behind.  It could be a rainy week, and you’ll find yourself chipping away at a tiny jungle.

Add some areas of hardscaping 

You can cut down on the size of the lawn you have to maintain by adding a couple of hardscaping areas on your land.  Hardscaping is an affordable way to reduce the area needing to be mowed each week.

Adding seating areas on permeable pavement and circling large trees in the yard. With ground, mulch can make your land appear much more appealing. While simultaneously lightening your maintenance load.

Plant low maintenance plants in your yard

Landscaping is a good way to make your yard a bit more interesting, and it doesn’t have to entail a whole bunch of upkeep.  The integration of low-maintenance bushes, flowers (preferably perennials), and climate-appropriate trees will add depth to your land without adding a lot of extra work.

Create a large outdoor living space 

You can take up a little more of the yard by adding a large deck or patio area.  Get creative when creating multiple outdoor areas.  You could set up a meditation deck, an outdoor movie area, a place for a gas fire pit, or even a small putting green.

The best thing to remember throughout the process is just how much upkeep it will take to maintain the small areas you are creating.  Try not to overcomplicate the situation.

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