Are you new at this, or have other people told you that you cannot breed your dog or breed puppies without knowing ethical practices?

While there are no particular laws that say you cannot breed dogs or puppies without knowing ethical practices, there are general principles (which apply to all areas of dog breeding) that are considered ethical. These are guidelines for dog breeding, not laws that say you must be Discourage others from breeding your animals.

If you are trying to breed dogs for your personal (or family) pleasure you should make attempt to find out the breed standards.

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Where possible, these guidelines are for newbies, just looking to get a pet and do not assume that “this is how all should go on”.

While the guidelines are usually very good, you should not assume that a breeder is trying to break you. There are many irresponsible breeders out there, and close to everyone has been ripped off by an unknowing breeder.

Use common sense when going about dog breeding.

If you want to breed dogs for the purpose of selling puppies to pet stores you should:

Be especially concerned about how your puppies are colored. Check the color of the puppy and make sure it’s the correct color for the dog you plan to sell. If the color is wrong, you will be able to know and help the new owner know (if you help them).

If you plan to show your puppy, you should keep good contact information about yourself in case someone should needs to know about your dog’s pedigree or health problems.

You should keep a record of your dogs health problems, just in case you need to have your dog’s pedigree checked, to find out if the dog suffers from a genetic condition common to the breed.

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Help a new owner find a veterinarian who will take care of the puppy both during its lives and after. (It’s usually best to ask).

You may want to keep a journal about your dogs breeding habits and any problems, should they arise.

If you plan to breed dogs for your own personal pleasure you should keep a records of both the dogs you breed, so you can hopefully have them repeating the same exact traits.

It’s probably a good idea to have a veterinarian look at your dogs’ health, just to make sure that he can handle a particular pair, and that he will respond properly to their training.

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Many owners keep visual and oralichronisks for their dog’s offspring.  Don’t! your dogs should have proper guru treatments and immunity to diseases transmitted by parasites.

Ask your vet for a certification that your dog is free from all the genetic diseases common to that breed.

Don’t breed your bitch too early. Females should generally be at least one year before they go on heat again.

Don’t let your dogs together until both are mature.

Don’t let your females mate with a Male for more than three consecutive days.

Males should be dry-mouthed and not frail. Do not allow them to intricate.

Don’t allow your dogs to be handled by strangers. If you are going to one country, or even one city, you should ask permission of the local authorities before allowing a stranger to handle your dog.

Before you allow your dog to breed, mark your property with a spray paint pot-litter. If you leave your dog, mark the place where she stays, so that other would-be buyers know that it’s OK to come onto your property.

If you allow your dog to mate, be prepared for a fine. If you are not sure what to do, ask your vet or local kennel club.

Corry about your dogs well-being. If you think at anytime your dogs health is compromised, go to your veterinarian or local vet clinic.

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Ensure that you have plenty of food and bowls for your dogs. You might want to bring them to the kennel club every few days.

Ensure that your dog has a collar with proper identification and tags. Even if your dog is micro-chipped remember a collar with the correct information is always the best prevention.

Be prepared in case you have to take them to the veterinarian when they go into heat.

Make sure that the place where they stay is safe. Kennels with tables are the best; you can sit on a small chair and give them a treat when they’re right.

If you have other dogs, try to introduce them at home. Give the new puppies a chance to come into the pack. Never leave them alone together, until you know for sure that they’re going to get along.

If you have other animals, try to introduce them at home. Give the new puppies a chance to come into the pack. Never leave them alone together, until you know for sure that they’re going to get along.


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