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Tips for Decorating Your Home If Colors Are not Your Thing

Tips for Decorating Your Home 

Decorating Your Home: When you flip through the home decor magazines, you probably come across a lot of colours. For fall the colours generally match the shades of the falling leaves. For winter the shades are likely darker and maybe even animal print. Then when spring is in the air, the pastels come out, and summer brings back the bright shades and neon colours.

Decorating Your Home
Decorating Your Home

But, for some people, grey, white, and black are their preferred shades, and not just for their wardrobe. You can make your home look great, even picture-perfect, even if the colours aren’t your thing.

Start With a Base Color

Base Color
Base Color

If your decorating base happens to be a black sofa, you’ll want to take some care when it comes to decorating the rest of your room. You don’t want to make a small room look smaller with too many dark colours, so you will want to make sure to add a little something more to your look.

If your walls are white, or an off-white, you are already one step closer to giving your room a larger look. The base colour can also be achieved with the right lighting. Make sure to let in some natural light, maybe with some sheer white or grey curtains. Bring in artificial light if needed.

Add Something That Pops


Even though you may prefer to keep that monochrome look to your home, it can make a huge difference to the look of your home if you add a simple pop of colour. Maybe include a bright yellow or red throw pillow on your black couch (or both).

Consider painting an accent wall in more vivid color. Pick a color that emits the feeling you want the room to have, like blue for calming or a shade of red for energy. Not only adds a little pop to your room, but it will also make it look more fashionable.

Adding Subtle Colour

Adding Subtle Color

Even if you decide you want black and grey throw pillows and all your walls the same colour. You can still add a little pop of colour, and even change it up as the mood strikes. Do this by having a vase on your coffee or end table where you can add a bright burst of fresh colours.

You may also want to invest in some plants. Even a beautiful green fern can easily change the look and feel of your home.

Even those of you that prefer the look of solid black can still have a brighter and more picture-perfect home. You just need to know where to add that little burst of colour and when just to let the monochrome tones take over. Even the slightest amount of colour can make you or your guests smile, small home or large.

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