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Tips clear how to treat acne naturally

Tips clear how to treat acne naturally

Acne is those ugly boils, which appear on the skin, especially during adolescent or in the age group of 12-25. It is an unhappy morning when you get up and see that pink boil on your face and this could be the last thing on earth, which anybody wants to see. Onset of acne is really an unpleasant experience, but then you can’t help it. However, yes, do not feel disheartened, those who try will definitely win it over. You have to apply both internal and external rules to keep this ugly acne at bay. Here are a few tricks that you must follow to treat your acnes

treat acne naturally

  • Importance of probiotic usually it is believed that acne develops when a person’s digestive system doesn’t work well or if he is having problem with it. To effectively handle this situation take probiotic drinks of good quality.
  • Fat soluble Vitamins-Consuming fat soluble vitamins will increase the texture of the skin and will help in treating acnes internally.
  • Gelatin– It also helps in treating the acnes. Collagen also works well on acnes. It will help make your skin supple and smooth
  • L-Glutamine- it leaves a big impact on the gut and problems related to the stomach.

These are few necessary things which one should add to his/her diet while planning to treat acnes and pimples. Apart from these measures one should not forget to perform following external measures-

Proper cleaning– Most of the people know that, dirty skin attracts more acnes and pimples. So avoid their appearance by cleaning the skin twice a day.

Application of honey– Honey has been regarded as a natural healer for treating many health problems. But this time it’s not going to be included in your diet rather when you are targeting to treat acnes then you need to apply it on your face.

Face masks– As excessive oil lays foundation of acnes, so avoid the excess oil by applying mud pack or using face masks, which will help in controlling the excessive oil.

treat acne

The main of the treatment is to keep the skin away from scarring and not letting them grow and multiply. Acne images make the skin look red, swelled up and with a little pus in it. Acne breakouts are quite common during hormonal changes, puberty, adolescence, pregnancy, etc.

When the skin is affected by inflammation in the sebaceous glands and attacked by bacteria, it becomes red, swells up and fills up with pus. This is another common skin problem called pimples. Yes,you can say pimple is the sister of acne and not very much liked by the people as it also enhances ugly looks. So many treatments are tried, but remember it takes time to get rid of these skin problems. So, keep trying following tricks which will tell you how to treat pimples

Ice- Yes, that ice cube from your refrigerator can do wonders in treating pimples. Ice will help in proper circulation and helps tighten the skin pores which will not let these pimples breeds.

Garlic- It is not only known for lowering cholesterol level, but is also good for purifying blood. It is an anti-fungal, antiviral and antiseptic agent which works well on pimples.

Steam- Steaming helps in clearing the skin from deep inside. It removes the dust residing deep inside the skin, leaving no scope for pimples and acnes breeding.

Papaya- you must be wondering how Papaya helps in treating pimples. No wonder papaya is an antioxidant vitamin A and the enzymes that are present in it, reduces inflammation and helps skin gain soft and subtle look.

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