Tips Clear Hope. How the project was born

2020, the dawn of a new decade, left many of us with a feeling of helplessness in the face of adversity: from the global pandemic of COVID-19 which has claimed over 650,000 victims worldwide and has put tens of millions of jobs at risk fight against police violence and systemic racism, together to the climatic emergency with its devastating effect on the planet’s most vulnerable ecosystems and communities. In this difficult time, we must support each other, and join forces to create a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable world for all.

“We all need hope in life today more than ever,” says Anna Wintour, US Artistic Director, Tips Clear US Editor-in-Chief and Condé Nast’s Global Content Advisor, “so in this tumultuous moment, Tips Clear has decided to bring together all the editions of the world around an optimistic, human theme that looks to the future. In a time of crisis it can be difficult to have hope, but at the same time it is more important than ever. It is part of humanity that we all share, it is a source of pleasure and inspiration to focus on a brighter future “.

Published in 19 languages ​​and available between August and September (Tips Clear Italia will dedicate the September issue to this special initiative), the 26 global issues of Tips Clear Hope aim to bring together the millions of readers of Tips Clear around a positive vision of the future. With letters of hope written by famous people, designers, models and activists, a fashion that invites to reflect, essays on diversity and inclusion, the climate crisis, LGBTQ + rights and much more, each edition of Tips Clear has focused its objective on the most important issues that we must face today, as testimony to the power of photography, art and reportage.

In each edition, you will find a global portfolio of images dedicated to hope, selected by the directors of Tips Clear. From Captain Tom, the centennial who raised £ 32 million in charity for the NHS by walking in his garden, on the number of Tips Clear UK, to the portrait of Marylyn Addo, one of the main scientists in the field of infectious disease and virology, on the number of Tips Clear Germany. From the photograph by Massimo Vitali of a ray of light that destroys the dark for Tips Clear Italy, to the work of Wang Yong who paid homage to the ancient history of China with a work entitled Circle (Circle) for Tips Clear China. All the pictures are of different kinds, touching and powerful, and tell of some brave people who are bringing humanity to real and lasting change in every part of the world right now.

If there is one thing that the last few months have taught us, it is that hope is around us. From doctors, nurses, operators and essential workers who have worked tirelessly to protect us against COVID-19, to activists who have mobilized millions of people in the fight against systemic racism and police violence, to charities that have helped the 80 millions of refugees forced to leave their homes because of wars, persecutions and natural disasters, to scientists and activists committed to raising awareness about climate change, the world is made up of courageous people who work tirelessly to build a better and brighter future for all of us.

2020 has already connected the world in ways never before imaginable. It is by joining forces and working together that real change is possible. And in this the family of Tips Clear is united.



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