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Tips Clear fashion tips and blogger fashion

Tips Clear fashion tips and blogger fashion

Blogger Fashion: Fashion is never-ending race, which affects everybody as everybody wants to look modest and fashionable. People follow style blindly and never bother what people think of them. Sometimes people blindly the following fashion often ends up in ridiculous situations.

Blogger fashionIt doesn’t mean that you should not follow it, but you should wear clothes and accessories which suits you best and enhances your beauty and looks. It is not a hard and fast rule that you will look fashionable only if you wear stylish clothes. Go through following fashion tips at Fashion Trends Tips, one of the fashion website which will help you look attractive and beautiful.

Apply strategy to your skin– choose any one part of your body and show it off. If you are showing your legs, then cover your top. You must be clear about the body which you want to show and which to hide.

Come up with bright ideas in accessories– Wear bags and shoes in complimentary colors. The colors which complement each other. Match Blue and orange color with your accessories. It will help transform your looks.

Pants length– The length of the pants very much affects your look. Make sure that the length is ½-3/4 inch off the floor. Get your pants hemmed accordingly.

Magic of scarf– Best dressed women regards scarf as the ultimate accessory that transforms simple look into something attractive and modest.

Keep your hands free –Take a bag with a chain. It will present a cool look for evening parties.

Enhance your body shape-

Wear the dress which adds on to your body figure. The dress should not be too body bulging or too loose to look awkward. It should perfectly fit your body irrespective of whatever dress you wear.

Shop smartly– while buying a dress take you tummy tucker with you and then try the dress. This will help you get the perfect look. It would be perfect if you can carry your lipstick and heels with you. No wonder this will facilitate you in buying the dress which suits the most.

Make a list– All set with fashionable tips, you need to make the list and this time it’s not for the things which you want to buy rather it the things you are not going to buy. This list will include all those things which don’tsuit you.

Importance of rear view– while trying new dresses don’t forget to check your looks in the rear view. This way you will get a clear picture of your entire looks from all angles.

Perfect fit– At the time of buying jeans, make sure that you buy a smaller size as jeans tend to expand on wearing. For correct size try it in the trial room and then buy your right size.

When in doubt, wear nude colors– in case you are puzzled as to what color shoes you wear, always go for nude colors. It will add on to your looks presenting slim and cool look to your appearance.

Fashion and beauty

Fashion and beauty go hand in hand. Style makes you look beautiful and beautiful is fashionable. All that glitters are not gold is rightly marked in the history of fashion. It’s not the clothing and accessories which make a person look beautiful and attractive. No wonder these two things play a significant role in transforming the looks, but the beauty carried with confidence and pleasing personality cannot be ignored, true fashion lies in clothing, accessories and the pleasant nature of the person. Last but not the least, its beauty with personality development that makes complete looks.

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