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Tips Clear Effective homemade skin care tips

Tips Clear Effective homemade skin care tips

Tips Clear: Looking beautiful and attractive is what we all want but pollution, stress and other factors that give a dull and lifeless look to our skin. Now, what can we do to save our skin and make it look attractive? It’s not about face packs only you need to cover various heads to achieve your target. Follow these basics and add specific food in daily routine to grab a healthy and youthful look from these homemade skin care tips

Tips ClearGreen tea and honey face pack

Boil green tea with some water and keep this water to cool down. To this water add 2 spoons of rice flour and half spoon honey. Mix it well and apply on skin for 2 minutes or till it dries up. Before you wash it off, make sure to massage for a few minutes it in a circular motion that will help in removing the dead skin. Wash it off with water. This will provide you with fairer skin. Green tea will remove the free radicals and toxins from the skin and with honey added to it will protect it from bacteria.

Oats and lemon face pack

Take 1 tbsp. of cooked and mashed oats, 1 tbsp. lemon juice. Mix it well and apply the pack on the face and give it a little massage with the pack. Leave it for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes wash it off with cold water.

Turmeric and lemon face pack

Take 1 tbsp. gram flour, 1 tbsp. of turmeric, 1 tbsp. lemon juice and 1 tbsp. of milk. Mix it well to make a smooth pack. Apply it on your face and gently massage for 5 minutes and then leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it with cold water. Turmeric helps in cleansing the skin and keeps it healthy.

Tomato and turmeric face pack

To make this pack mix equal quantity of turmeric and tomato juice. Mix it well till you get a smooth paste. Apply this paste for 15 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Tomato will help in rectifying the damaged done by the SUV rays.

Dried orange peel powder and yogurt

Few dried orange peels and 1 tablespoon yogurt (fresh and Unflavored). Make orange peel powder after drying them in sun and grind it well. Take a spoonful of this powder and mix it with yogurt to make a fine paste. Apply this pack for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

Lemon and yogurt

Mix equal quantity of lemon juice and yogurt. Apply it on your face for 20 minutes. And then rinse it off with cold water.

It is advisable to apply this pack in the morning and before bath. This way you will be able to clean your facial skin and get it ready for a whole day long. Yogurt and lemon juice enriched with vitamin c helps in rectifying the skin damages. It will also improve the overall skin texture and make it look brighter. 

Apart from face masks, it is a healthy diet that will help in achieving flawless and radiant skin. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with various nutrients and having more of them in your daily diet is always a welcoming idea. Eat more of them and have more of water daily, water will hydrate your skin and save it from looking dull and lifeless. Washing face with plain water for a number of times during a day will also have a good impact on the skin.

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